Do you believe Clean Election is attainable in Nagaland? Give Reasons

•    Yes… I have had already started. What about you?
•    Yes, it's possible
•    Yes if we will
•    Yes. Definitely possible. Every change starts as a dream.
•    Why not, I believe so.... Nothing is impossible when everyone is cooperative for common good from bottom to the top regardless of any class.
•    Vote is not to sell for our needs. It is to choose and caste for the right candidate for the development.
•    Because in politics everything can happen.

•    No. The State is corrupted in itself, from politicians to public, from students to parents, from religion to atheist. The state in itself is corrupted. But I still hope that one day we will.
•    Nothing is impossible. However, whether we like or not, no matter how much the different NGOs, Churches or Association campaign about Clean Election, Clean Election is possible only in Paper. Don't know how long it'll take, a year or a decade, Nagas are still immature of understanding. Still need time to change. We are all hypocrites. Digest it.
•    Electorates are been manipulate and convince with money by candidates for favourable vote which ultimately make the voters mindset to think as voter price.
•    Nagaland is mostly rural populated. Rural folks are controlled by their village head. Most village Heads / Chiefs are corrupt and illiterate. Besides Nagas are selfish. Ao for Ao, Angami for Angami, Sema for Sema etc etc,. So, Clean election is not possible in Nagaland.
•    People are too greedy for money
•    As many voters are tempted by money
•    Every Naga leaders are corrupted so are the electors.
•    There is no such thing as clean election in politics its just the matter of who looks better in public.
•    Haha it's a No , and we all know

•    It's not about whether this campaign will succeed or not. As long as it is something good and right we must do it and keep trying no matter what. How can we ignore what is right and do the wrong just because it may not succeed! All of us should contribute and make it happen.
•    Clean Election Campaign to clean the corrupt system itself. Even if not sooner but later this campaign will champions for the cause.
•    Clean Election has become a dystopian idea because the people are starved of money first and then gagged by it when election comes. This process is vicious and has no end to its cycle unless a revolution of thought and idea is evoked by upright statesmen and bureaucrats. Blaming the people should be the last thing for failure of clean elections.
•    Sooner or later.
•    It's a wrong question. We humans must only try our best to bring in a system that minimises the corrupt nature of humans. Say, electing CM by all the Nagas.
•    Ask questions which are actually attainable.
•    What more can we expect when each and every villages holds consultative meetings and then come to the point where they will fully declare in the press that they support this and that candidates. Amazingly sorry state of Nagaland elections process how it has been conducting since from the formation of Nagaland state till to the present day. Saying that, only when the villages, clans and tribe forget about the My and your candidates during elections, it will be possible to have clean elections. We should discourage our clans and villages for joint meetings to support this and that candidates.