Do you subscribe to the proposal to convert institutional quarantine centres into paid quarantine? Why?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say: 

•    Because at home people have also have to spend money to live and eat. Why free?

•    For those people who can afford to pay a minimum amount needs to be paid, if the cases are increasing it will be difficult for the government to perform its duties the again the public will complain.

•    With paid facilities, the government can engage good private caterers and also create employment opportunities for unemployed youth.

•    Yes, as the government isn't responsible for the citizen who on their own lived outside Nagaland. But since the government is getting funded as well I suggest testing and medicals would be free of cost.

•    Yes. I think the government need not speed all the Covid funds on quarantine facility. Instead they should spend the fund wisely on employment generation of the returnees and to the daily wage earners through loan and aids. And not forgetting the farmers welfare


Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

•    The Government should take full responsibility.  Also, most returnees seemed to be opting on staying at hotels for more safety compared to that of such institution.

•    Common public cannot afford the cost. 

•    Because most of the middle and poor families will not be able to pay the fees and they will prefer home quarantine thereby risking public transmission.

•    Not everyone can afford paid quarantine. The Government should take full responsibility otherwise they should step down and let someone do it.

•    Because we are not rich people.

•    Many will not afford to pay the bills.

•    Everyone in Nagaland is not fortunate enough to pay for the entire duration of the quarantine. People are already struggling with job losses and financial problems and this adds another brick in the wall.

•    Institutional quarantine centers shouldn't be converted to paid one; if Government sincerely takes care of the wellbeing of its citizens and wants to stop Coronavirus in the state.

•    No and I don't have any explanation.

•    To stop Coronavirus in Nagaland at the earliest, institutional quarantine centers shouldn't be paid one. Naga Students Union  Leaders and NCF Pastors in the cities who were in the frontlines helping stranded Nagaland people during the Coronavirus Pandemic crisis should be treated well and not charged money for testing or lodging when they return to their Nagaland home. Thank you Morung Express for giving us space and for having a big concern.

•    Same treatment should be given to all our brothers and sisters. Why partiality by letting others pay when the first batches didn't pay at all

•    Atleast, government should maintain this diligently and strictly as local transmission has started in Nagaland. Poor people cannot effort this, except rich people.

•    No, because the government is getting Covid-19 fun and we are paying COVID cess directly or indirectly. All we need is transparency in fund utilization.

•    No. As some have mentioned, many families/individuals are hardly managing to put food on the table. When will the government help its citizens if not now. Moreover the state Government have received and will be receiving funds for covid-19. The fund must be put to use for all citizens. It shouldn't be made paid QC.

•    No. There are some sections of people who hardly make their daily bread. And Corona does not identify Class or Status and therefore it will be grateful if the institutional quarantine does not charge. Thank you.

•    No. Reason is logical, no explanation required.


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say: 

•    If it is paid, then it should be optional whether to stay in quarantine or not.