Do you support the call for an Indo-Naga solution before Nagaland State election? Why?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

• Yes, because once elections are held the probability for solution will go further away.  

• Isn't that the ultimate aspiration of the Nagas? Decades of struggles, bloodshed and sacrifices yet here we are cowering behind the door and trying to dabble on the most banal question of whether or not the call for the solution before the election is proper. Let's put the matter into perspective: any time is the best time to call for the solution. The problem with us is that there is never a good time for the call. The habitual indulgence of spiraling down into depressive pessimism armed with verbiages and redundancies vis-a-vis solution is a disease infected to so many of us, especially educated sections. We, the youth, have to quit flirting with the issue and make a stand.  

• It's time to make such call, so that all the parties involved can work together to find a reasonable solution.  

• Yes. One way or the other this issue needs to be resolved. Sooner the better, and if we can put pressure on the government, the better. If it does not happen now then let’s move on and say goodbye to all the national workers as they have failed at last. Or we stand our grounds and prevent any Indian government party from ruling in this state.  

• Yes. Whereas an editorial in The Morung Express sought to deflate the call with petty and pessimistic takes, when the solution is the Naga political raison d'etre, any kind of opposition against the curative process is understood as anti-naga.  

• Yes. It is the long awaited dream of all the Nagas to see a reasonable solution and the chances of it being resolved seemed to be the best at the moment. Even if elections are held, the new government should pursue for solution from day 1 with the commitment to resign en-mass if there is an agreement. With due respect it has become a trend of the government to only push for solution when election nears and not pursuing it from day 1 of the formation of the new govt. While a solution is most welcomed, the negotiating parties must also listen to the people and make sure that the Nagas issue is not sold off for selfish motives.  

Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

• No, because it will take some more time before a solution can be arrived at.  

• Who does not want solution, every right thinking Naga wants solution. But I say ‘No’ because of the way they are going about it. If they were really serious they should have started saying solution, not election about one year ago. Why this sudden demand at this 11th hour. It smells fishy.  

• No, it’s not realistic.  

• I'll go for election rather than going for an uncertain solution.  

• Solution without Sovereignty, Unity, Collective Responsibility, and Hidden Agenda. It is much better to suffer five years in election than to suffer whole life killing each other in the name of Supremacy. God Bless the People.  

• We don’t need solutions with ransom, which is the only possible option at present. So let's take more time as we have already wasted 60 yrs fighting for honourable solutions.  

• This present state government is a very unpopular government and the thought of them continuing makes it very wrong. They need to be voted out of power.  

• No. Because of its complexity and likely time consumption  

• No. We are within Constitution of India.  

• No, because Nagas cannot accept a time bound agreement with GOI as it will be detrimental to the Naga cause. NSF and the other NGOs are just fooling around with the idea of a solution before election which is not possible by any means for Nagaland is still a union of India at the moment which nobody can deny. Common sense and unity of the Nagas is a must before any solution is made, keeping in mind with the surrounding and people we live with as a part of the global world.

  • No. No work for public only collection money  

• No, because we all know that the Indian interlocutor has clearly said that the solution cannot be reached before the election. To defer the elections only means that this corrupt and power hungry government will continue to rule according to their whim and fancies. This cannot be allowed to prevail. Those who are serious about solution should propose a different option where elections are not at the expense of a solution.  

• No. This is all a joke. The organizations that are calling for ‘Solution not Elections’ have united together only today. Just some weeks ago they were fighting each other. Who would have thought that Naga Hoho and NTC would be on the same team?  

• No! Why? Because I don't want a repetition of 1975. We need a government by ourselves to cater to the final settlement or agreement. No election means President's Rule where the Governor will be the head. He will work according to the will of Modi who appointed him and not our will. Even the NPGs and we the public may face hardship if President's Rule comes into force.  

• Who don't want solution, We do!? But not before election... Ultimately the public is the one who'll suffer. I say, it's just another dirty politics act by some pawns and played by the masterminds behind the curtain.  

• No, No road map for solution is made known to public.  

• No, I don't support because we don't know what is solution the GOI and our underground brothers are talking about. We Nagas are so stupid to demand solution without knowing it. GOI is silently laughing at our stupidity. To agree to their hidden framework agreement can be costly.  

• No. That's impossible. If such solution comes, no doubt there will be bloodshed among Nagas.  

• Politicians say solution before but that's just from lips. Public says clean election but that's just from lips. Anybody can say a big big words in social media or in public but at the end of the day, we all know that money talk. So whether you like or not, just accept it and digest it. It said, truth is always bitter.  

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

• If all UG groups and civil bodies get on a common platform and if all current and intending NLA members give up their political ambitions and join this common platform and agree on a common course the nagas should take with genuine blessing from the people than ‘YES’ but if not, I’d rather ask our political prostitutes to keep sleeping with the GOI.  

• The decade old Naga political issue cannot be settled just in a blink of an eye (in a month time). All the negotiating groups including all tribal hohos have to be taken on board to come to an amicable and honourable solution. The 3rd August Framework Agreement should not come into logical conclusion as we the Nagas at large do not know the content of the agreement signed between one group i.e. NSCN (IM) and the Government of India...  

• Solution after election.  

• Good call but less effective.  

• Till recently the song of our Nationalist groups and Civil Society Organisation was "honorable and acceptable solution" and that is matured call. I sincerely pray, the changing chorus to "solution before election" does not turn out to be anarchical call.  

• If they say they don't give half cooked food than let them be known that not all likes the same cooked prepared but have different taste. Without knowing the contents of FA do not agree to 101%. Hope the Naga Societies also have brains.