Do you think that usage of artificial intelligence (AI) will enhance learning experiences in schools and universities in Nagaland? Why.

•    Easy and fast 
•    It is always better

•    •    It kills the natural learning process for growing kids. Where they disconnect with the emotional feelings. They don't even understand what empathy is.
•     Whatever govt brings good project, from ministers to peon will eat the projects, only back door appointment contractors will carry out projects, without completing it
•    First get the basics right. Basic infrastructure like proper classrooms, 24 hours electricity, sufficient number of computers and deserving qualified teachers should be given priority. What is the use of all these technology if we have backdoor teachers and infrastructure is nonexistent especially in rural areas?
•    As long as primary education is weak in Nagaland, no amount of AI or technology will help learning in our state. Backdoor appointments have resulted in below average teachers in govt schools. There is hardly any electricity or even basic infrastructure like library or laboratories in most rural schools. First get this basics right. No amount of big talks of technology or AI will be able to help without the basic and foundational structures in place.