Education in Nagaland

Gone are the days, when our forefathers learned and trained themselves in Morungs, war tactics, social welfare, handicrafts loyalty and heroic deeds were their foremost priorities for the development all round. Now it’s a different story, different era with fast changing society, fading culture, dirty politics and high rise economic. Now we live for immediate life. In order to adapt with this, we need education of quality, realistic and practical in addition with virtuous character, proper hygiene and training. This will shape an individual into a resourceful person of substance. Moreover there exists a BUT within our society!!!

The situation in our state is very ironically depressing and hopeless I should say. Now, our government institutions are branded as fruitless without any scope. Disadvantage parents thus, create vicious cycle for their children. These are my observation on Government institution:-

•    Untrained/ unqualified individual making more than half of the total teachers throughout the state, are engaged through corruption, nepotism etc
•    Irresponsible teachers engaged in evil practice and hold the tag of govt. teacher only for the sake of their monthly packages.
•    Funds, mid-day meals and technologies funded by government are misused and abused as the teachers distribute these resources among themselves
•    Duration of apparent working days are counted and not the actual presence of the teachers
•    Rules and regulation remain only on papers
•    Labs, libraries, workshop, activities indoor and outdoor games out of function
•    VEC( Village Education Committee) the sole syndicate for education in villages are neglected and not implemented at the transparency of the publics

These points rather criticism may be negative but a positive outlook is compelled because of the fact that prevails within our society. Maybe there are govt. Schools that are on the right track but I can proudly assure you that 80% of the schools in our state are in the very sorry condition. These are reflections from all of us, How educated are we in this ever fast changing world. 
So next time be the change and don’t be a silent spectator to all these unjust social evil practices. But go against these prevailing practices that may one day uproot our hard earned degrees and qualifications!! Define education not only on the ground of pen and paper but as civic sensed catalysts!!

Y Longdilong
Class IX
Sainik School Punglwa