Elderly Covid patients defeat the virus with courage, willpower

IANS File Photo

IANS File Photo

BHOPAL, MAY 10 (IANS): As people are dying of Covid-19, there are also brave warriors across all age groups who have survived against all odds to defeat the virus and give courage to other people.

There are many elderly people motivating other Covid patients to overcome the infection. One such example is the 92-year-old Dhairya Prabha Devi Sojatia of Indore whose lungs had been severely infected with Covid-19. She was admitted to the hospital for eight days and finally recovered from the infection.

Before being discharged from the hospital, Dhairya Prabha released a video message where she advised others not to panic if one is infected with Covid-19. She added that one must maintain willpower and be ready to fight the disease. The video of Dhairya Prabha has gone viral on social media in the Malwa-Nimar zone and is being seen by Covid patients to gain courage to defeat Covid-19.

Another instance of defeating Covid-19 is that of Birdichand Gothi, a 104-year-old freedom fighter from Betul district. He was also infected with Covid-19 and was treated at home under the supervision of Dr Praveen Nahar of Chhindwara. He has now recovered due to sheer willpower and treatment.

In Shahdol district, an 81-year-old man has been able to defeat coronavirus with his indomitable courage and positive attitude. Durga Prasad Trivedi had undergone a Covid test a few days ago and was admitted to the Covid-19 ward of Shahdol Medical College after his test report came positive. Receiving proper treatment at the right time, he has become an example for others while defeating Covid-19. He is fully fit now.

98-year-old Buddha Yadav of Umaria district has also succeeded in winning the battle over Covid-19. Buddha Yadav belongs to Pathari village and was infected with Covid-19 on April 27. As his Covid report came out positive, he was admitted to the corona ward of a district hospital. While undergoing treatment, he did not lose hope and defeated the disease.

In Chhindwara, Asha Bharti, a supervisor posted in the state's Women and Child Development department, won the battle against Covid-19. She saved her own life by removing an oxygen mask from the mouth of a deceased Covid patient and using it. Now she has recovered and returned home.

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