Election successfully held in Naga SAZ Myanmar

Lahe, November 19 (MExN): The second multiparty General election 2020 in Myanmar concluded peacefully in all the Naga areas of Myanmar on November 8. 

A press release from the Naga Students’ Organisation (Myanmar) informed that in the In the Naga Self Administered Zone (SAZ) of Lahe, Nanyun and Layshi, polls were successfully held in all constituencies.

In the Naga SAZ four parties, the National League for Democracy (NLD), the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP), the Naga National Party (NNP) and the Union Betterment Party (UBP), contested for 6 regional legislature seats, 3 Lower House MP seats and 1 Upper House MP seat. 

While majority of the seats were won by the NLD, in Lahe Sadar 1, the USDP took one regional legislature seat and one Lower House of Parliament seat. 

The NNP and UBP did not win any seat. 

The NSO, in its press release, welcomed the development of a culture of democracy in the country by holding of the five-yearly referendums. It encouraged all candidates who failed in 2020 General Election and hoped that they would come back stronger in the next election.

Further congratulating the winners, the NSO expressed hope that they would continue to promote and safeguard the “rich Naga culture and traditions from extinction.”

It also appealed all the successful Naga candidates and the government to mainly focus on the needs of upgrading quality education, road connectivity, and health care facilities in all the Naga villages.

Youth empowerment, women empowerment and self sustainable projects in the Naga villages are important issues to be remembered, it added. 

According to the Union Election Commission, the ruling party National League for Democracy (NLD) won majority parliamentary seats to form the next government.