Enemy of our Nation

The wars we fought and the battles we won are all recorded in the history of our nation. In the past when our land was invaded by foreigners, the invaders got the better of us as they conquered most of our territories. The secret behind their success was that they followed certain strategies which were initiated by their able leaders.
The manner in which they started controlling almost the whole world portrayed their ambitious nature. But their dominion over us did not last long because of the emergence of powerful world leaders and nations. The pressure had been on them to give up the territories which they held. They finally had to relent to the dictates of the world leaders. The purpose of this write up is not to criticize them for what they had been, rather it is to acknowledge the changes and the difference they made in our society.
Though they did make a mess of our political rights by being insensitive to the needs of our people. When our freedom was declared, our adversary pounced on us when we were least aware of it. The present political situation which we are now facing is the result of the mistakes of the former. When the war between the Nagas and the Indians emerged, our national security was threatened and our physical existence was also threatened. The then government of India even went to the extend of annihilating us. The proofs of all these instances and accusations are in the book of history.
The war was so brutal that rapes, torture and murder were initiated against us. When the Indian army was at its wits when, they resorted to killing innocent villagers, and raping the women of our land. They even went to the extend of forcing sexual relations between brothers and sisters. Some may find this offensive but those were the whole truths of the sins committed against us.
It takes time for the wounds to be healed but the severe the wounds are, the more the scars are likely to remain. In view of God’s doctrine of forgiveness, many had chosen to forgive them for what they did. The helpless nagas had no one to turn to excepting God. During the period of crisis, God did wonders and miracles on our behalf through the power of the spirit. The people witnessed the signs of wonders and miracles when revival broke out in our land. Many unexpected and unbelievable things happened during those periods. If I were to describe this in my own words I would describe it as the period of supernatural spiritual manifestations.
Our chances of survival was limited but God kept us protected and secured that the power of His glory may be revealed. This is an issue which only the spiritually discerned will understand. Those who are of the world may view our oppressors as our enemies. But those who are of God know hat our struggles are not against the physical forces of the world but against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the spiritual realms. There are spirits which are at work against us. It is written in the scripture that the purposes of Satan are to steal, kill and destroy. And that is exactly what he still desires of us. To annihilate us to to deprive us of our nationhood is the desire of the evil one. We as believers should not be ignorant of the spiritual tactics needed to overcome our powerful foes.
The nations that are against us are not our enemies but the accursed spirits are. Satan works through men to fulfill his evil desires but with God on our side no nations of the world can overpower us. Fight not against your oppressors with physical brutality but against the spirits that are at work through them. The Church of Christ is with us as we are with Christ. Follow the Legacy of Christ and conquer the enemies of Christ.

Ambrose. J. Chakre, Founder President
Ambrose Foundation in Christ Ministries
Kohima Nagaland