Eureka!!! Naga brain cracks Einstein’s theory

Morung Express News

N. Nyimthungo Lotha, officially the richest Lok Sabha candidate as recorded by the Election Commission of India, has brought forward a document in writing that claims that he has formulated Einstein’s Corrected Theory of Relativity. He also has plans to contest for the post of General Secretary in the forthcoming United Nations Assembly elections. Besides, Lotha claims to have derived an optimum free space formula for Kraft Pulping that can be employed in the paper pulp industry. Copies of his equations and formulae were earlier submitted to the Morung Express. 

The soft spoken engineer says that he wishes to propagate world peace and work towards an environment where technology can be implemented side by side with sustainable development. Furthermore, he feels that the UN needs to be revamped in order to be able to dispense its duties effectively as a world body. According to him, the UN is presently under the control of a few powerful nations. He is of the view that more powers should be delegated to underdeveloped and developing countries. A suggestion that he brought forward was the setting up of Regional International Courts of Justices all around the world.

On the present peace talks being held between the Government of India and the National Socialist Council of Nagaland, Lotha believes that the UN should act as a mediator to resolve the decades-old problem. While stressing the need for unity among the Nagas for a single solution, he lamented that the present position of State politics in Nagaland was rather fragile and immature. “Politicians and the public do not understand true democracy,” he opines. 

He is of the conviction that the lack of resources and funds is a stumbling block in the development of Nagaland’s economy. He also considers the lack of transparency and honesty in the State government as contributors to the stalling of developmental activities.  

Coming back to his Einstein theory, the man of many facets has worked out various equations that claim to support his findings. He thanks Einstein for ‘leaving the problem’ to him and expresses his gratitude to Newton ‘for the opportunity.’ He also claims to have perfected a method that allows the usage of radioactive materials in developmental purposes. 

Nyimthungo was born on July 7 1966 in Humtso Village, Wokha district and has a B.Tech degree to his credit. He also has a master’s degree in Sociology.