‘FGN cadres rape two women in Phek’

Dimapur, Nov 22 (MExN): It is reported that two cadres belonging to the Federal Government of Nagaland (Singnya) assaulted and raped two women on November 17 in Phek. Reports identified the two cadres as ‘SS Corporal’ Besuto and ‘SS L/Corporal’ Dushepa. They beat up and raped two women who were identified as one Ms. Venevole and a Ms. Kevekholu of Thevopisu village. Venevole was admitted in Phek Civil Hospital with injuries. An FIR was lodged at Phek Police Station, sources informed. 

Meanwhile additional sources added that the Phek public, including the concern village, demanded from the Midan Peyu of the FGN in the area to hand over the two cadres. The people are also reported to have warned the FGN of consequences if the culprits are not handed over and also that no ‘tax’ would be paid. 

Phek police sources, meanwhile, informed that the FGN was supposed to hand over the cadres responsible for the rape, over to Phek GBs and public leaders.  At the time of filing this new report it was expected that the FGN would hand over the accused to the leaders, who would in turn hand them over to the police. The handing over was expected to make either late night or tomorrow morning at the time of filing this report.