(FOR)EVER JOY - a Song of Hope

Yamaha Artiste Nise Meruno and friends to release new original

(FOR)EVER JOY a Song of Hope by Nise Meruno and friends is set to be released on June 12. The DIY music video will premiere on June 12 at 7:00 pm on YouTube under the channel ‘Silent Reverie’ and followed by distribution to other streaming services.

The music was composed by Yamaha Artiste Nise Meruno, and lyrics by Theja Khate and Nise Meruno. The other artistes involved in the project are Iuli Yepthomi, Tokaholi Chishi, Abdon Mech and Imliakum Aier. The production is done by Nourhe Khate, violinist. 

“It has truly been a dream for me to do a collective project with these amazing artistes. Interestingly, this is coming into fruition during an 'interesting' time such as this. Each person involved in this ‘Song of Hope’ holds a special place in my heart, not only for the talents they possess but more so because of the beautiful hearts they carry,” said Meruno in a release issued to the media. 

“As we are all going through a difficult time,” Meruno and his friends hope that this song would be a source of hope and encouragement that all is not lost, “To let everyone look beyond division and embrace one another with love.” 

Abdon Mech, one of the collaborating artistes also shares, “It was refreshing how each one of us in this project are so different as artists yet we came together for art, brushing aside our artistic preferences. I'm quite positive we all walk away having learnt a lot by stepping out of our comfort zones and doing something different.”

The group has especially dedicates this song to late Vitsizolie Nagi, “who was a very close friend to everyone involved in the project and brought a lot of joy to everyone around him.” Vitsizolie ‘left for his eternal home in the month of April and so the release is set for June 12, exactly two months after his passing.’


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