God in a pandemic

Sunaili Zhimomi
St Joseph University

As the world continues to sink deeper into the throws of this pandemic God is speaking, but are we listening? It is evident from the account of the Israelites in the Bible that God use disaster, plague, sickness etc. To express his wrath and discipline the nation. However these events are also something a result of leaving in fallen world and it is hard to say whether it has a spiritual cause and it would be reckless to draw any conclusion without clear revolution from the Holy Spirit. Nevertheless God is the sovereign and whether any pandemic sent by God or not we can always find his working through the circumstances for our good.

He is always in control. Love, faith and hope are the building blocks of our spiritual life. For me, I cannot say anything about God's role in the pandemic because as human, we are limited in understanding God. As Jeremiah rightly mentioned that God's way are higher then our ways and his thoughts are higher than our thoughts. We cannot say that this is a punishment from God either or question the role that God is playing in this pandemic.

What I have been thinking all through this pandemic is that whatever may be the cause of it, whatever may be the lesson to be learnt, we as individuals have our own lesson to learn from this pandemic. One may question why God is silent, why God being a God of all power and possibility is not bringing this pandemic to an end? Why God is allowing this disease to effect good and godly people as well? Why are this so many prayers that are prayed all over the world seems to vanish in the air? May be we will never know the reason of all this. All we can do is have faith in him and believe that through it all, God's purpose will be fulfilled. God does wonderful work which our human mind won't be able to comprehend, but will ultimately lead us closer to him in body and spirit "Do not be afraid".