Good deeds reflect good character

Lochumbeni Kikon, BA 5th Semester, Department of Education

A person's actions reflect his or her character. There is no doubt that we all have positive and negative traits in our lives, but how we want to behave is purely our responsibility. We live in a world that desperately needs good deeds, and those who pursue good works are like treasure. and it often appears to be difficult to come across people like that. We often talk about life's meaning, and whatever it may be, people who are following their quest have one thing in common: they begin by doing something good for themselves and our community.

As mentioned before, everyone possesses both positive and negative characteristics. This is something we must remember; no one is flawless, and yet we frequently forget this. "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence," as the proverb goes. This is a well-known saying that people have a tendency to see other people's situations as better and more favorable than their own. But in reality, this may not always be the case. We live in a world full of normal people who view the world subjectively. They only see what they want to see. We have a tendency to start comparing and believing that other people are in much better situations than we are. Rather than accepting and appreciating what and who we have in our lives, we constantly find a way to focus on what or who is not accessible to us.

So, instead of continuously seeing our flaws or shortcomings and comparing ourselves to others, let us stop comparing ourselves to people we believe are better than us and instead take inspiration from the wonderful things they do or the attributes we have and construct our lives around the good things we can accomplish. Life isn't simple; there will always be situations that we can't alter or control, and we'll continue to make errors or make bad judgments; it's all part of life. Happiness and joy will not always be there; there will be periods of grief and pain, which we will encounter and endure throughout life. However, we can become the people that the world desperately needs, namely, people who choose to do the right thing, people who find it worthy to do good deeds, and who have control of their actions and reactions when things go well or when they don't.

Practicing a timeless trait like etiquette, civility, sympathy, respect for others, and the desire to be helpful to others are things that we can do. It has its own rewards in the form of admiration, honor, and goodwill, and even if we don't reap the benefit in any of those forms, someone else will receive goodness out of that act. So, no matter how tiny, do something that will make you shine. Positive thinking and good deeds will help you build a good life. Each of us is accountable for our actions and emotions, and the little things we do have a big influence on us and others.

If we wait until we are perfect before acting positively, it will never happen. As for me, "Every time I see myself in the mirror, I am reminded that I am a reflection of who God is." He created in us his authentic goodness, which cannot be flawed by our mistakes, etc.

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