GPRN seeks clarification from Chairman CFSB

At this present juncture, when the Nagas boldly overcome the barriers that divided us and committed loyally to show greater understanding to each other’s concerns and began to believe that, Nagas can work together, live together passionately, overlook the past hatred and to look forward, en route for building up a peaceful co-existence with an intention to accommodate one another. The obstacles that stood between Naga leaders were transcended noticeably through positive approaches of thoughtfulness, resulting significant improvement in relationship pragmatically. In fact to fulfil the pleas of innocent civilians GPRN opts to usher a “peaceful co-existence in friendly environment” 

The ugly face of selfishness has surfaced on the horizon at this present crucial juncture, existing loopholes owing to the unfairness perpetrated on implementation of cease fire ground rules. The GPRN/NSCN questioned the conscience of chairman CFSB for taking undue advantage, who clearly “misunderstood the positive gesture” of GPRN in maintaining outmost patience for just peace. The CFSB chairman is reminded that the arms have been kept aside solely in pursuit of “political option”. If chairman CFSB continues to undermine the opportunity to “explore and acknowledge” other’s views then the outcome may not be so appetizing resulting nasty disapproval. GPRN suggest that only joint efforts can “evade the flaws of misunderstanding”. 

The Kuthur/Wungtho designated Camp was forcefully evicted without proper consultation among the CFSB members. Asserting impractical justification unreasonably for cover up on the ground that, parameter of the location of designated camp is “unsuitable and not fit”. Despite of huge infrastructure development progress was on full swing.    The chairman CFSB exposes his “prejudice sick minded attitude” and undertook the eviction drive that “demeaned the importance of cordial relationship” to espouse only his opinion, but overlook GPRN’s opinion thus “dishonour the mechanism of cease-fire ground Rules”

The Athibung Designated Camp was de-notified unilaterally on the pretext of “pressure from public” and for the “safety of public”; however, one wonders how come? Public were unaware and uninformed about such safety measures been undertaken in Athibung. The right to exercise power should also be oblige to, in a sense of “give-and-take responsibility” but chairman CFSB fails to “anticipate and recognize” GPRN CFSB member’s “right to exercise power”. Since, the de-notification was carried out under the pressure of public as claimed by chairman CFSB. The Chairman CFSB should clarify if cease-fire was signed between “GOI and GPRN/NSCN or GOI and public of Athibung”? 

It is to our utter surprise that, despite of its adherence to cease-fire ground rules, confined at the designated camp at Sangphur, Kiphire district the chairman CFSB was over-excited by the ecstasy of honeymoon and unknowingly exaggerated to Naga Army personnel repeating the directives again and again to concentrate at designated camp, to adhere the cease-fire ground rules, the movement was restricted to even unarmed civil workers at the vicinity of the town. Thus, attracts the attention out of over-excitement, since the cadres were already confined peacefully and obediently at designated camp, but how long will the souring honeymoon going to last remains to be seen. 

However, unbelievably contrary to the directives enforced upon GPRN, on the other hand the so called Khaplang cadres, who came from “Burma and Suruhuto”, designated camp were “freely camping flexing their muscle” in “fully armed combat” at Kiphere. This is to remind GOI that the demand of designated camp at “Kiphere and Dimapur” by Khaplang was rejected. How come then? Chairman CFSB remain dead quite, surprisingly all on a sudden became an  silent obedient mute spectator and pretended to be unnoticed of the movement of Khaplang cadres, who are freely “operating and threatening the peace and tranquillity” in populated areas. The CFSB chairman should own the moral responsibility and explain how and why Khaplang cadres are allowed to travel to Kiphere and Dimapur freely “unrestricted with arms and ammunitions” and allowed to murder people in Kiphire on 2nd Sept 2012 and threaten peace on 6th Sept.2012 at Thahekhu in Dimapur. When they (K-boys) are supposed to be confined at Suruhuto designated camp. Such unwanted incident would not have happened had Chairman CFSB accurately enforced CFGR without any prejudice. The chairman CFSB should immediately direct misguided Khaplang boys to go back to their designated camp at Suruhuto.

In the previous two occasions the chairman CFSB had provided “security and escort” to the Khaplang cadres for safe passage. On 17th Dec. 2011 in the wee hour heavily armed Khaplang cadres were transported to Dimapur and mess-up the situation of peaceful festive mood of Christmas spirit by creating war-like situation and instil fear psychosis. On their way back to Suruhuto, the security was provided to Khaplang boys for safe passage. Again on 3rd Sept. 2012 Khaplang cadres from Suruhuto infiltrated inside Dimapur with heavily armed in populated areas under the commandership of one recently defected Maj. Khetovi to begin their destructive activities. 

The GPRN amusingly question step-motherly treatment meted out to its members, when the identity card holders and innocent unarmed civil workers are also not spared to move around freely, how come then k-boys move freely? Is chairman CFSB conscience erroneous that has done more damage than good? The basic human worth and dignity of people need to be upheld honourably and legitimise through mutual understanding without discrimination, then only we can co-exist peacefully. Under whose direction does the Chairman CFSB give security and escorts to Khaplang boys? This is highly questionable and detrimental to the CFG Rules; the implementation of “cease-fire mechanism” was executed without proper deliberation and concern of the co-members. Signifying clearly the intentions to demoralize the “authenticity and legitimacy” of other CFSB members.

Perhaps it’s time to usurped common wisdom to reflect and differentiate upon not just others views only, but also one’s own view “truthfully and classify with justice” so that meaningful conclusion can be forge-out peacefully.

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