How many more division amongst the Nagas? Who will give the answer?

N Thomas Lotha
Ex MLA, Dimapur 

As a young boy in my Primary school in Lakhüti village, I still recall our Teacher narrating us about "The four oxen and the Lion," and "The wise Old Father with bundle of sticks to his sons."

I am now forced to realize why unity is of a great value in a very aspect of life.

If there exists unity among people then the chances of achieving objectives will also increase. 

However, if there are conflicts and differences among the people, their collective strength to withstand against the adversaries decrease.

Unity means staying together, unity means collective strength. Unity has an important significance in each and every aspect of people's lives. 

If a society learns to stay together and support each other in every phase of life, no forces on earth can harm that united family.

But today Naga family is so divided and fragmented.

Ever since Nagas stepped into 21st century, differences and divisions amongst the Nagas started and our unity being eroded. 

First the multiple factions amongst the Naga freedom fighters, followed by Naga civil society under the various banners such as, ENPO, CNTC now it is Tenyimis.

I really wonder who are the master minds behind all these divisive policies.

I don't think some people are getting more insane than today on the Nagas.

Sad to watch that our society is more divided then it's ever been.

Seems hatred, mistrust and animosity amongst the Nagas has been systematically injected.

In point of fact, with the proposed further fragmentation of the state, will it not jeopardize the ongoing Naga Peace talk? will those concerned Naga thinkers ultimately not became THANATOLOGIST on Naga Peace Accord? 

And if so, Will the multiple Naga taxpayers not question the relevance of having so many different factions in Nagaland?

We need to school the Naga public to look past the various artificial glitters, beyond the very well entrenched showmanship to the reality, the hard substance of happening around us today.

We seriously need to put our brains and bring the Nagas back to their senses.

Our division will creates barriers amongst the different tribes and communities to prevent us from coming together and working towards our common goals.

Such unprecedented divisions among the Nagas will surely weaken our social bonds and makes it impossible to stay together as a strong and cohesive united Nagas, and here the question is, who is going to ultimately reap the benefits of all these divisions amongst the Nagas at the end of the day?

History gives us many examples of the value of unity.

But Nagas have failed to understand that no matter however successful we become as a tribe or individuals, we will still need our fellow Naga brothers and sisters who can stand by us and support us to live with the constitutionally protected distinct Naga identity and our inherited pride as Nagas.

But, if we blindly allow someone else to dictate terms in determining our destiny,

The very proverb, "United we stand, divided we fall" will continue to teach lesson to Nagas for generations to come.
How I wish, if we all could understand that, 

Strength goes with unity always, it is a proven fact that when society is united, people learn to work together, everyone is motivated and encouraged to work harder and the nation or state is benefitted in many ways and the people push each other to accomplish the goals and this works as a great motivational factor and everyone become more prosperous, resolute and strong.
It is time for every Naga of all ages to think seriously and study as to why a visionless leadership comments has became hall mark for the Nagas today.

Why Nagas are experiencing such hopelessness with so much divisions and hatreds amongst the Naga ourselves, yet those "YES MASTER" Naga political heroes survive on manipulating the Naga public to the abyss.

It is very well said that, where there is no vision, the people perish.

It is undeniable fact that, visionless leaders in power circulation for longer period of time, the citizens are subjected to a "beast of burden" to the political elite.

Correct me if I am wrong in saying so.  

Nevertheless, if our people are not careful, then the adversaries of the Nagas could rise up in our midst and continue to plan and release hate by disturbing the wonderful love and unity that exist among the Nagas by using their political, muscles and monetary influence by creating intense animosity and divisions amongst the Nagas.

In conclusion I would like to make an appeal to all the Nagas that where there is unity and teamwork, unexpected things can be achieved, Nagas will become stronger, build healthy relationships amongst the various tribes, and fosters a sense of belonging to each other. Being a part of a community strengthened bonds amongst each other as the Nagas work towards our common goal, the goal to make Nagaland a better place, and never allow occurring Manipur like situation in Nagaland ever.

And how I wish to live for 100 more years in my undivided Nagaland with the unpolluted spirit of "wherever there is undivided FAMILY there is always victory." 

God bless the NAGAS.