HSLC Topper to take the road less travelled

Vishü Rita Krocha 

Kohima | May 31

Rarely do you come across a High School Leaving Certificate (HSLC) Examination Topper, who resolves to pursue an unconventional career. Tolimi P Jimo of Northfield Khikha, Kohima, who secured 18th rank by scoring 93.67% in the recently declared HSLC results, has set a new benchmark by resolving to study theology in the near future.

In a typical situation, she would have been pressured to opt for Science stream in the hope for joining more sought after careers like doctors and engineers. “Some of my extended family are suggesting that I go for Science but I have already made up my mind and I don’t want to change that”, she told The Morung Express while adding that, “I have applied in G. Rio School for pursuing Arts and eventually want to pursue theology.”

It was her parents who initially instilled the interest in her but her growing up years have also proved her aspiration to be in God’s ministry. “With inspiration from my parents, I have been studying the Bible from a very young age and ever since, I have been wanting to go out and explore the world, help people, and spread the word of God to those who have never heard about Him”, she further professed.

Tolimi P Jimo was hoping to pass well, but however impressed upon that the rank she secured came as a surprise. “As a topper, I am now even more confident about what I want to pursue (theology)”, she divulged. But it was not without hard work that she secured the rank. Months before her examinations commenced, she regularly studied for 7-8 hours.

She also lives by Proverbs 3:5-6 from the Bible, while quoting, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” “Whenever I felt pressured while studying, I would try to remember those verses and it has helped me a lot”, she put across.

The girl from Tukunasami village is the second youngest daughter of Er. Phutoshe Kappo and Ikali Jimo and has four siblings. She is also interested in playing the piano, singing and dancing. Mention may be made here that her maternal grandfather is a reverend, who previously served in different Sümi villages for several decades. Also speaking of him, she expressed, “his prayers and words of encouragement have greatly inspired me.”

Her mother, Ikali Jimo, who is clearly proud of her daughter’s achievement, exuded happiness while relating that “since childhood, she was very different from her other siblings.” “She never misses church and right after she finishes work, she reads the Bible every day. She never says that she doesn’t want to go to church, but is always happy to attend”, she expressed.   

Meanwhile, Lujeka Assümi, Assistant Pastor of Sümi Baptist Church Kohima Daklane, who is visibly happy about the topper’s decision to pursue theology said, “to be in God’s business, one should offer nothing but the best and I am glad that Tolimi is all willing to study theology after her bachelor’s degree and serve God.”

Substantiating that “Cain and Abel’s narrative is one good example where God’s precedence to accept only the best”, he further stated that “as an oblation to God, Abel offered the fattest among his sheep whilst Cain offered a worthless seed and some bunch of leaves. Thus, rejection of Cain’s offering needs no further explanation.”

He also expressed hope that “this story of a topper who aspires to study theology will encourage those unable to take decision either to study theology or liberal arts.” “Opting for theological studies is never a waste of higher academic grades, rather it is a challenge to explore greater depth in theological academia where there is a clear shift”, he asserted.