IGP overstaying service tenure

Dimapur, January 4 (MExN): The question of transparency in the government departments in Nagaland has resurfaced with a senior officer of the Fire & Emergency Services of Nagaland being accused of overstaying his employment beyond the date of superannuation. The officer was identified by the Nagaland Law Students’ Federation (NLSF) as one in the rank of IGP. Appointed on October 10, 1975, the NSLF said he was to retire on October 31, 2010 but he remains in office.   
More than 50 copies of various appointment orders over the years including some from the 70s from the Police branch of the Nagaland Home department were released to the Media by the NLSF as substantiation that the IGP of Fire & emergency Services is overstaying in his employment service. The NLSF also listed the financial benefits of the IGP starting from the date of his appointment and the absorptions without break in his service tenure.
The documents released by the NLSF showed extensive records of dates of appointment and absorption and extensions over the decades, orders and pay perks of the IGP starting from his ad-hoc appointment on October 20, 1975.
“From the above it is seen that all the financial benefits were given to the officer without any break from the date of appointment till absorption. So it is proved that there is no break of service but continuity of service is maintained from the date of appointment till absorption,” the NLSF said in an accompanying statement.
Among other government rules the NLSF mentioned was the government’s ban on employees overstaying their date of retirement as notified on May 24, 2005. The Fire & Emergency Services and Personnel & Administrative Reforms departments have failed to act in spite of available records, the students’ organization stated.
The NLSF has expressed expectation that the department in concern will act ‘responsibly’ and implement the ‘Nagaland Government Servant Act 2009.’ Failing to implement the Act will open a Pandora Box and other departments will follow, the NLSF stated, cautioning against destroying the future of the younger generation.