Illegal immigrants a threat

Duncan, Dimapur

It is high time for us to face some bitter facts and this fact involves the growth of illegal immigrants here in Dimapur. Let us for the sake of the next generation at least, if not for us; attempt to contemplate what would be the scenario here in Dimapur if things continue unabated. 

First and foremost at the core of it all, we would lose our identities as Christians. The identity of Nagaland for Christ would feel more like a distant dream since Dimapur is the main commercial hub of the state. As a privileged Christian state we have the luxury of preaching practically anywhere in Nagaland; be it the streets, the alleyways or even in the market place. We have the unique privilege of preaching without getting beat up and thrown in jail unlike some other parts of the state. If the influx of illegal immigrants continues, things will be turned upside down. The unique position that we are in right now will be lost to us forever and it is most likely that violence and lawlessness will prevail. 

Secondly, Nagaland is notorious for having all sorts of problems especially when it comes to the development department. No doubt, it has produced some of the most incompetent leaders driven by greed. But Nagaland also has it's redeeming qualities and two of them that needs to be highlighted are; it is one of the safest states in India for women and the crime rates when it comes to the homicide department is quite low --this statement can be supported by the fact that we hardly see our Naga brothers and sisters killing each other and making it to the headlines. These redeeming qualities of ours however will be lost to us if the influx of illegal immigrants is not contained. Our mentality and our perspective towards women and morality are totally different from theirs. 

Thirdly, Dimapur is considered as the heart of the state for the people of Nagaland because it's the district where we get together for our supplies, our shopping and even for our quality education. The fact that it's a district where all the different tribes from Nagaland can integrate and get together at the same time, exchange cultures and cuisines and so on makes it a unique hub. 

The existence of many tribes forming a gestalt makes it very different from the other districts and thus holds a special spot in Nagaland. 

The unchecked growth of illegal immigrants in Dimapur would spell doom for all the cultures, identities and values that have driven us forward for so long. In other words, transition from majority to minority would mean dissipation of our own unique identity as Nagas. In addition to that, our voices as a major community would also disappear which means that they will ultimately start showing their teeth. And one of the many evidence of this statement can be supported by the fact that people in general tend to get together and form clusters when they are united by a common goal; history is there to prove it. 

These are some of the 3 core points that need to be out there in the light.  Winston Churchill once said "The truth is so valuable that it is often guarded by a bodyguard of lies". And this is exactly what is happening in our state right now. We are so lost in our own life affairs that we have gone blind to the genuine threat that looms over us. 

Love ought not to be confused with wisdom. 
A wise man foresees evil and makes necessary precautions. How can we shelter for others when we can't even shelter for our own or how can we give our bed to others when we hardly have a bed of our own. 

How long are we going to play Peter Pan and the lost boys who refuse to grow up? 

Behold, the thief cometh. 

Wake up least we find our own bed taken from us.