‘India needs mind-shift for Naga peace’

Dimapur, December 29 (MExN): Till such time India turns a shift in its approach to the Indo-Naga conflict, there shall never be peace in Nagaland, NNC chief Adinno Phizo observes in her new year’s message. But there is to be hoped that year 2008 could usher in an “episodic dawn” she says and urges to “look on the bright side in the coming New Year.”   

“Evidently, Delhi is far from taking its often stated position on Nagaland seriously. Until there is a fundamental shift in Delhi's approach to why India is in conflict against Nagaland, the prospect for peace in Nagaland will remain elusive as the Naga stand is perfectly clear” she stated in the message. 

The NNC president mentioned a number of “compelling anecdotal muttering” on Nagaland emanating from Delhi. She listed “Why is the problem in Nagaland refuse to go? Who is in charge - Indian army or state government or those nagging socialists or others? Where does all the Indian money disappear? Why the Government of India unwilling to engage in talk with the Naga government?  For many years our experts say the Naga government is moribund then who is the enemy? Nagaland is bad news for Indian international image, etc…” 

The NNC further explained that contrary to India's claim of Nagaland on account of the sub-continent British colonial legacy, at no time, she stated, including during the British rule over India, the Naga people shared a common history with India. “As for modern Nagaland, the Naga representatives led by A Z Phizo declared to the world that Nagaland will stay independent on 14 August 1947, a day ahead of Great Britain granting independence to British India. The Naga stand on independence is based on incontrovertible historical facts and by any standard unassailable” she maintained. 

She said that the Nagas’ destination is the restoration of an independent federal republic of Nagaland free from foreign occupation army. ‘In other words, the journey the people of Nagaland undertook is to uphold freedom and nothing can deter us from reaching our destination of a free much loved Nagaland.’ 

The NNC chief was of the opinion that the world is unlikely to come across a more blatant aggression in post-colonial era than that of India’s unremitting war against Nagaland since 1954. She stated: “… As a consequence of Indian aggression, over 150,000 (one hundred and fifty thousand) Naga people died and many people maimed in the inhuman hands of the Indian armed forces…”

Nonetheless, the God Almighty has been the protection and grace through all these times, she acknowledged. “We thank the Almighty God for His unfailing love for our people. Time and again whenever our people face a crisis in the midst of the unremitting Indian occupation army militarized tyranny and in need of help, He always opens a way for the Naga people. Could the year 2008 usher in an episodic dawn? Let us look on the bright side in the coming New Year.”