Interim stop to arrival of SF personnel? 

Morung Express News
Dimapur | August 6

In the wake of Security Forces reporting a high rate of COVID-19 cases, the Nagaland State Government is reported to have proposed temporarily putting a stop to fresh arrival of para-military personnel into the state. According to a message on WhatsApp attributed to the state Director General Police, the Assam Rifles, CRPF and BSF would temporarily stop incoming traffic of military personnel. This was reportedly decided at the request of the state government. 

A government source informed that this was discussed today at a video conference of the DGP and Chief Secretary with the Home Commissioner and members of the COVID-19 District Task Forces. 

But there was no official notification in this regard from either the state government or the para-military higher ups. 

The PRO of the Nagaland Police, when contacted, maintained that if at all such a decision is made, it would require consulting the Ministry of Home Affairs or the Ministry of Defence, if it also includes army personnel. 

An official of the Assam Rifles also maintained that there was no written directive from the higher-ups. Queried if the Security Forces would agree to such a request, he replied that it can be possible if it is taken at the governmental level and in public interest. “I am sure nothing happens without consultation when it comes to a decision as big as this,” he said. 

Neither the DGP, nor the Chief Secretary could be reached for comment.