J-K troop reduction: Was talking about Army, clarifies Gen Singh

New Delhi, January 15 (Agencies): A day after his comments which were seen as countering Home Secretary on troop reduction in Jammu and Kashmir, Army Chief General V K Singh today clarified that he was talking about the Army personnel while G K Pillai was referring to paramilitary forces. “I think there was some confusion. What Mr Pillai said was concerning the Paramilitary forces. What I was talking of was Army,” he told reporters here seeking to clear the perception that the two were talking in different voices.
“No person from Home Ministry will say about Army as it is under the purview of the Defence Ministry. I am quite sure that the Home Secretary knows about it and talk only about the Paramilitary forces only,” Singh said. Pillai yesterday said the government was planning 25 per cent cut in troops in Kashmir. Hours later, the Army Chief said, “We have not yet felt that we have to cut down our forces. If they want to cut down para-military and police forces, I won’t say anything...” This was interpreted by some sections as Gen Singh countering the Home Secretary.
The Army chief today noted that any decisions regarding reduction of Army strength in the valley would be taken by the Unified Headquarters (UHQ), which is headed by the State Chief Minister. “Where they (Home Ministry) want to take out people, it is up to them. Whatever input is required, it will be provided by the UHQ. I have got no conflict or argument with anybody on this issue,” Gen Singh said, adding “So far as the Army is concerned, I am quite convinced as what the Army is supposed to do.”