Jamie Foxx tagged 'ball of energy' as he returns to acting

IANS Photo

IANS Photo

Los Angeles, September 10 (IANS): Actor Jamie Foxx has made a return to acting after his hospitalisation earlier this year, and now he's said to have been a "ball of energy" on set.

Back in April it was revealed the beloved 55-year-old actor had experienced a "medical complication", with the reason behind his poor health unknown for several weeks, reports aceshowbiz.com.

It then emerged soon after the They Cloned Tyrone actor had been hospitalised, which left fans worried for the star amid the mysterious situation.

A few weeks later in May, Jamie's family then revealed that he was no longer in hospital, with Jamie since sharing a video where he addressed his health woes and cleared up any speculation.

And now, a woman who appeared in Jamie's latest promotional campaign for BetMGM has said the star was a "ball of energy" on set.

Speaking to People, Kristen Radford Thom said that Jamie was "kind and humble and hilarious — all wrapped up in a ball of energy".

The extra also spoke of how Foxx "opened up" to the cast on set, with him open about his situation without telling them "exactly what happened". She then added: "He was the nicest. He was funny. His improv abilities are unmatched. The entire set was laughing at his jokes. He is talented, in the most natural way."

Last month Jamie addressed his health scare on Instagram.