Kohima DC proposes total lockdown in municipal areas

A view of Kohima Town. The Deputy Commissioner of the State capital has recommended imposition of total lockdown for one week in Kohima's municipal areas. (Morung Photo)
A view of Kohima Town. The Deputy Commissioner of the State capital has recommended imposition of total lockdown for one week in Kohima's municipal areas. (Morung Photo)

Our Correspondent
Kohima | July 9 

The Kohima Deputy Commissioner has written to the Nagaland Home Commissioner proposing the imposition of total lockdown of Kohima municipal areas for an initial period of one week. 

In a letter to the Home Commissioner, the Kohima DC suggested the total lockdown in order to enhance the ongoing active surveillance; for early detection of suspected cases; to break the chain of COVID-19 transmission; and to further prevent the spread of COVID-19 to new areas. 

“Due to the imposition of lockdown, economic activities in the district may be hampered and may cause inconveniences to the general public in procuring essential commodities, however it will serve the larger interest of the district in containing the disease,” the DC stated. 

He said that a total lockdown is felt necessary in Kohima municipal areas.  


Citizens welcome move 
With the DC’s recommendation, many in Kohima were for the lockdown in order to ensure that the virus does not spread further. 

One citizen, Mercy Tetseo told The Morung Express that while most cases have been contained by being concentrated in the Quarantine Centers, the few cases which have strayed into the public space is worrying. 

“So far recovery rate is high, but that could also be because most patients were relatively younger as per reports. The effect of a swift community spread is a scary proposition and an inevitable eventuality if partial lockdown continues,” she said.

Poor maintenance of social distancing is also worrying despite repeated enforcement. Essential travel and essential movement may continue to be allowed but we need to take things slower and be more responsible, she added.

While a total lockdown for an extended period may not be practical, a short term but immediate enforcement might be the need of the hour again to stop the spread.

H Chishi also echoed that a total lockdown would help prevent further spread of the infection. He however observed that at this juncture, discipline, proper hygiene and adhering guidelines issued by authorities and communities would also work as a preventive measure.

“We don't know how long this novel Coronavirus is going to stay with us. Authorities should conduct more awareness campaign down to the grassroots level,” he opined.

Another citizen, Diwang, felt that total lockdown is a must to reduce the infection and to slow the pandemic.

Aleno Angami opined that complete lockdown will not be easy for many citizens as daily needs keep arising and those who manage with fairly meager income will be the most affected. However, if total lockdown can contain community spread, we should go ahead, she said.

Our normal lives have already been paralyzed since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic but we are managing and still fighting, she added.  

Aleno further expressed regret that many people are still uncomfortable wearing mask and still do not take social distancing protocols with seriousness. 

Nagaland’s Home Commissioner Abhijit Sinha when contacted said that the proposal is under consideration. However, no decision has been taken yet.