Kudos to the Dimapur Municipal Council team

The members of the Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC), under the chairmanship of Y. Vikheho Awomi, within the past few months since its inception have done some exemplary works which needs to be acknowledged and approved by all the denizens of Dimapur. Their selfless and relentless efforts to cross check and curb the various illegal traders dealing in different businesses have proved to be effective, as we can all see. Their concern for the well being of the general public is truly genuine. Though a lot more still needs to be done, yet they have also achieved and done a lot for the people of Dimapur. Some of their achievements are highlighted as below:

1. Seizing of inferior and expired goods

2. Efforts to ensure that only quality and hygienic food products/edible items are sold in the market

3. Alertness to check epidemics on the recent wave of swine fever, Japanese Encephalitis, which has claimed thousands of lives across the country

4. Conducting regular and frequent checks. The recent seizing of a boogey full of deceased pigs from Railway Bazar area on September 22, 2005, being just one of the many examples    .

5. Removal of roadside-opened meat stalls, which is very unhygienic and spreads and causes diseases in the surrounding areas and the locality

6. Strict checking on whether the animals are killed at the slaughter house, checked and verified by the veterinary department

7. Chalking out of various ways and means in order to tackle the two main problems of the overcrowded New Market area and the congestion of traffic

8. Expansion of market, converting the Wednesday Market at Supermarket complex into a daily market to reduce the problem of over congestion and make shopping/marketing a more pleasant experience

9. The shifting of footpath/roadside vendors and hawkers to Supermarket area, which gives a neat, clean and tidy look

10. On the proposed shifting of taxi parking from ISBT which is too far away from the main town and causes a lot of inconveniences to the general public. It is hoped that even this proposal will be implemented within no time

These are just a few accomplishments of the Dimapur Municipal Council, many are left unsaid. It is apparent that the DMC members are working round the clock and always on their toes in order to make the life of the general public more easy and convenient. So, I would like to appeal to all the citizens of Dimapur - let us appreciate the DMC for keeping the welfare of the general public as their top priority. Let us all extend our utmost co-operation and support so that Dimapur is converted into a more beautiful and cleaner place for us all to live in.

Mrs. Achila, Fellowship Colony, Dimapur
Watila & Imtila, Duncan Bosti, Dimapur
Sentila, Nepali Kashiram, Dimapur