Lalhuma praises valuable traits of the Nagas

Kohima, April 30 (DIPR): A farewell dinner was hosted for outgoing Chief Secretary Lalhuma, IAS, on April 29 by the Chief Minister and his lady wife, along with legislators and their families at the residence of the Chief Minister.

While mentioning that farewells are sad occasions, the Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio said that it is also a time for celebration of victory over the fact that the outgoing Chief Secretary could serve the government for 35 years in a difficult area like Nagaland. He said that Lalhuma has overcome all challenges and contributed immensely to the State. Rio said that the outgoing Chief Secretary joined service in 1974 and in his long innings of 35 years he has contributed in many fields particularly in rural development by supporting the VDB and communitisation programmes. He said that a number of IAS/IPS and other Central Service officers come to Nagaland and go out but Lalhuma has stood by the people of Nagaland in all problems and nurtured the State and on behalf of all his colleagues, officials and the people of Nagaland, Rio thanked the outgoing Chief Secretary for the services rendered.

Though retiring from active service as a government servant, Rio said that he would look forward to work together in different platforms/forums since the outgoing Chief Secretary has a lot of potential to serve the nation, particularly the people of Nagaland. Rio further hoped that the outgoing Chief Secretary would continue to have a special place in his heart for the Nagas in future as well.

Lalhuma, in his speech, expressed his gratefulness for the guidance and support extended by the Chief Minister and the legislators, all the administrative heads of various departments, HoDs and other officials during his tenure in various capacities in the government. He mentioned the valued qualities of the Chief Minister like his concern for the youth, the farmers, the student community and the people of Nagaland in general which reflects his visionary qualities and generosity. He said that he is yet to come across a Chief Minister so mobile and who has travelled to all pockets of the State which reflects his genuine concern for the people.

In his 35 years of service, Lalhuma said, he has observed many valuable traits of the Nagas which he finds endearing and which the Nagas should be proud of. On his observations, Lalhuma said that the first quality that he appreciates is the hospitality and generosity of the people followed by the deep association of links to their roots and unflinching attachment and loyalty to their village. He said that Nagas take pride in their culture, they are resilient, have strong familial bonds, exude extreme confidence wherever they go and are very receptive. He said that his stay in Nagaland will be etched in his heart with fond memories, and he specially thanked the Chief Minister, his lady wife and the legislators for the honour and the token of appreciations presented to him and his lady wife.

The occasion was marked by presentation of musical items by various young musicians including a few special numbers by the hosts and the guests.