‘Le Bistro’–Bringing a little bit of French to Kohima

24-year-old Vemele Dawhuo, proprietor of ‘Le Bistro’ in Kohima. (Morung Photo)
24-year-old Vemele Dawhuo, proprietor of ‘Le Bistro’ in Kohima. (Morung Photo)

Morung Express News
Kohima | December 3

The COVID-19 pandemic has not stopped 24-year-old Vemele Dawhuo from following a dream close to his heart. While many businesses have shut down during the COVID-19 lockdown, Dawhuo today ventured into a new enterprise by opening a restaurant called ‘Le Bistro’ which was formally inaugurated by Isak Kronu, Class I Contractor at Puro Complex, near Supply Office in Kohima this afternoon.

Vemele Dawhuo had earlier worked outside the state in cities like Pune and Mumbai as Food & Beverage Associate. He returned home to start his own business with the hope that it would also create employment for young people and the local network of producers.

Le Bistro mostly caters to French recipes accompanied by fancy beverages. Every Saturday, Dawhuo also plans to serve continental buffet.

In his speech, Isak Kronu, Class I Contractor remarked that many people venture into businesses but give up half way because they lack determination and ultimately don’t find success. He also noted that many Chakhesangs are into vegetable and secondhand business in the state capital but not so much in the more competitive arenas. In this regard, he commended Dawhuo on the new venture and wished him all the best.

Further stating that hygiene and serving are two important factors in running a restaurant, he stated belief ‘Le Bistro’ has taken good care to ensure that these.

Highlights of the opening included dedicatory prayer by Muleto Nienu, Associate Pastor, CCRC Upper PWD Kohima, special song by We-ü Mero, words of encouragement by Chisazo Dawhuo and benediction by Surhuveyi Tetseo, Proprietor & Director, De Operattas Music Institute, Kohima. Thejoselu Dawhuo was the host for the event.