Life during lockdown: Part-II



People maintain social distancing in front of a pharmacy in Kohima. (Morung Photo)


Chizokho Vero

Kohima | April 3


The Morung Express approached a cross-section of people to gather their views on how they are spending their time during the nationwide lockdown period. 


Spending quality time with family

A government official, Dr Hovithal Sothu told The Morung Express that he has been using this lockdown period to work from home, while also making time for gardening and reading some Robin Sharma books.


“Stay at home. Spend quality time with your family, at least now. Make full use of this time positively.  Obey the rules and instructions given by the government for your own safety,” he urged people.


“Remember God your creator and pray to Him for His grace on you, your family, people in authority and the not so fortunate group of people. Don't do anything that will be detrimental to you and the society,” Dr Sothu added.


Practice social distancing

Rutho Nyuwi, another government employee said that during this lockdown period he has been spending most of his time watching TV programmes on Discovery Turbo, Discovery Science, and Animal Planet etc.


Along with doing office work at home, Nyuwi has been cooking and trying out new recipes. “I am worried that by the end of the lockdown I might gain lots of weight,” he said. Staying at home, he stated has also given him the time to connect with old friends though the phone. 


To his fellow citizens also under lockdown, he said: “Let us always wash our hands. Let us follow protective measure like using mask, cover mouth, nose when coughing or sneezing. Let us practice social distancing. Let us believe only in genuine and correct source of information and refrain from circulating any unnecessary information. Seek help from the professionals, like the helpline number shared by the government.”


Spread awareness to elderly people

“During this lockdown period, I am maintaining social distancing by staying at home and as usual I do the household chores like cooking, cleaning, washing, gardening, keeping in touch with loved ones through social media,” shared Avi Yashu meanwhile.


Yashu also informed that she has been spreading awareness to the elderly people. 


“I am also trying to learn things like making homemade pickles and trying to dry the vegetables that can be kept for a longer period etc,” she said.


“Let us all be positive. Do not panic. Stay away from false news. Maintain the social distancing by staying at home. Spend quality time with your family. Do something productive. Students must continue to keep in touch with books daily,” she conveyed.


“Above all, renew your spiritual relationship with God, spending more time in His presence by praying and reading His word. Keep the faith. Stay strong and Let us all together overcome this COVID-19,” she added.


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