Life during lockdown VIII: Together we shall overcome

Life during lockdown VIII: Together we shall overcome
Life during lockdown VIII: Together we shall overcome

Fruit vendors await customers during shopping hours (7:00 am to 12:00 noon on every Monday,Wednesday and Friday) in Kohima. (Morung Photo)


Chizokho Vero

Kohima | April 17

“This lockdown has disciplined my routine and schedule to stay fit, healthy and safe,” said actor Zhokhoi Chuzho, sharing his view on the current lockdown to The Morung Express.

 “I do some physical exercise in the morning and evening. I eat healthy food in time, spend quality time with my kids and watch lots of news and action movies,” Chuzho says and with the extension of the lockdown, he hopes to continue his routine.

He also stated that as citizens, “it is our duty to keep our family and society safe because we love them and this is the right time to show our love by staying home, maintain social distance and save lives.” Together we shall overcome, he said.


Cooperate with government for everyone’s safety

For entrepreneur Vecüto Tenyi, the lockdown period has led him to music. From Methaneilie Jutakhrie to contemporary music and gospel music, Tenyi says that listening to music in times of anxiety has given him positive energy and lifts up the spirit. 

Besides listening to music, Tenyi also says he has been reading the book of Psalms and Proverbs in depth. 

Tenyi shared that he also cooks occasionally, plays with his kids, do physical exercise and fix household stuff like furniture and shelves.

On the COVID-19 pandemic, he said “We have to adapt to win over this situation. Worry less but be transformed into the new normal, new world and new life.”

Stating that everyone, be it the law enforcing agencies, health care workers, administration and civilians, is going through hard times in one way or the other, he  said “Let’s not fight among ourselves, but cooperate with the government directives for everyone’s safety.” 

Most and foremost, all we need now is love and care for one another, Tenyi added.


Do family prayer everyday

The lockdown has slowed the pace of life for adventure activist Burakum Ao. These days, Burakum spends his time engaged in conversations with family members on various topics including steps taken by state and central government on COVID- 19, exercising or tending to his pets and garden.

“I take a walk in evening for one hour and listen to latest songs,” he said adding that at night, generally, he watches Hindi/English movies or read books on religion and technology.

Sharing tips on how to stay occupied during the lockdown, he suggested creating daily tasks such as reading a book, listening to music, completing household work, etc. Engage kids in gardening, indoor games, drawing and painting etc and speak to relatives and friends through normal/ video calls on daily basis, he added.

He also said that everyone should follow guidelines given by state and central government strictly, especially while going out to buy essential commodities.

Have a family prayer everyday and pray for everyone living on this earth, he said, while encouraging everyone to lend a helping hand to those who are needy.