LOCAL Briefs

SAKK emergency meeting on Jan 20

Kohima, January 17 (MExN):
An emergency meeting of Sumi Aphuyemi Kuphimi Kuqhakulu (SAKK) will be held on January 20 at the Sumi Aphuyemi Baptist Church, Kohima (SABCK) meeting hall at 10:30 AM. All the executives, advisors and action committee members have been requested to attend the same. In a separate release, SAKK expressed grieved at the sudden demise of Lt. P. Inaho Swu of Shesulimi village under Pughoboto Sub Division who expired on January 13. Expressing heartfelt condolence to all the members of the bereaved family, SAKK said the latter was a dedicated social worker, adding SAKK shall ever remember his noble heart and hard working nature. May God grant comfort and solace to the bereaved family members, the Union added.

NCRC Sumi youth joint meeting

Dimapur, January 17 (MExN):
The NCRC Sumi youth will be having a joint meeting of newly elected Youth Standing committee members and the former youth office bearers on January 22, 2011 at its former Banker’s residence at Dimapur. NCRC Sumi Youth Fellowship Youth Secretary Vibo Sheqi in a press release has requested all the former youth office bearers to reach the banker on 10:00 Am and the newly elected Youth Standing committee members are requested to come at 12:00 Noon. Finale auditing will be done during the meeting so all informed to attend the meeting positively.

KSSU informs on SKK conference

Kohima, January 17 (MExN):
The Kohima Sumi Students’ Union (KSSU) informed its members that the All Sumi Students Union (SKK) general conference will be held at Alaphu village from January 27 to 30. The Union president Bokavi Achumi informed the interested candidates to contact vice president Kanito Kiho (9856214159 or general secretary Mughato Kiba (9615081407) on or before January 22 for attending the conference.