Lolo Ezung: 'Spreading positivity' through YouTube

Lothunglo Ezung (Lolo Ezung) with her father. Lolo Ezung is a You Tuber and in less than a year, she has garnered at least 33.4K subscribers. 

Lothunglo Ezung (Lolo Ezung) with her father. Lolo Ezung is a You Tuber and in less than a year, she has garnered at least 33.4K subscribers. 

Vishü Rita Krocha
Kohima | June 26

A simple video about a home grown garden from a broken phone was all it took for Lothunglo Ezung aka Lolo Ezung to start a YouTube Channel last October—a dream that she has mused over and nurtured over the years. In less than a year, she has garnered at least 33.4K subscribers, proving that it only takes one’s passion to make a dream come true.

Most of her contents revolve around Naga lifestyle, which, she explains is not known to everyone. “This is something I wanted to focus on and show to the rest of the world- our lifestyle, culture, the kind of food we eat, the nature surrounding us”, she expresses in an exclusive interview with The Morung Express.

For this young girl who is turning 25 this September, “spreading positivity” is something that she takes seriously. “My contents are not just about our culture and lifestyle but spreading positivity, love and happiness among the families in all aspects,” she says even while impressing upon that negativity is not going to benefit anyone in any way. “So, what’s the use of spreading hate because positivity attracts and it can change people’s lives,” she adds.

The pandemic has also made her realize that “we must also learn from the situation to be patient and be even more kind” while putting across that for her, it has been a time for self-reflection. Talking more about her YouTube initiative, she emphasizes that “we have a lot of contents, which we can contribute as young people.” “If you have any idea or a creative thought in your mind, I want to encourage young people that you are not late and you can start now, because I started just from my broken phone. If that has been able to reach out to thousands of people, you can do so much more,” she states.

Lothunglo Ezung grew up in Wokha town, where she did her high school and still lives there. She later earned an M.Sc degree in Zoology from Bangalore University and currently teaches in a private school in Wokha. When she returned home, she also realised while looking at the present scenario that we are losing much of our culture, and this is when she thought “why not go back to our history and do something new and also inspire young people to get back to our culture while making use of the modern facilities.”

Recalling her first video of a home grown garden, she shares that “we have been farming throughout our lives.” One video led to another that also revolves around her family’s rubber farm, some 20 kilometers away from home. “We have been doing plantations ever since I can remember that stretches across a tea garden, litchi plantation, coffee, betel nut, etc,” she divulges.

When it comes to documenting life through the videos, she is self-taught in every sense even as she confesses, “I learnt everything online.” While the lockdown has given her more time to focus on her videos, as a teacher, she is simultaneously making videos for her students to learn from even as teaching has gone online.

“People might think I have all the equipments but I am just using my phone and a tripod,” she states. Interestingly, having come across her contents on YouTube, Minister Temjen Imna Along recently gifted her a laptop. “I did not deserve to be acknowledged,” she expresses but also believes that it was hard work and perseverance that made it happen. “I always pray to God, give my best and leave the rest to God, and everything happened through his plan,” she adds.

Meanwhile, with suicide cases on the rise, this is also one of the causes close to her heart. “We should all think that there is someone above, and if you have anything deep inside, share it with someone. Suicide should not be the step taken,” she articulates.

Lothunglo Ezung is also the reigning Miss Tokhu Kohima during which, she was also adjudged the title “Miss Talented”.


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