LPO questions ‘authorization’ of Lotha Hoho

Wokha, September 29 (MExN): The Lotha Public Organization (LPO) on Tuesday questioned the ‘authorization’ given to the Lotha Hoho by the Lotha frontal organizations to represent the community for the Naga political settlement.

 LPO alleged that the present Lotha Hoho team led by Er Mhondamo Ovung and Amos Odyuo is ‘unmandated, unapproved and unrecognized self styled organization’ and does not have consensus of the Lotha tribe.

It termed the September 23 meeting of all Lotha organizations held in Wokha as a ‘mockery’, “as it did not reach the consensus.”

In a press release issued by its Chairman Sulanthung Humtsoe and Vice President Phyobemo Odyuo, the LPO further alleged that the “Lotha Hoho to represent Lothas on Naga Political settlement are representing their own personal and individual interest and not in the interest of the Lotha people as a whole.”

The Organization also said that the present Lotha Hoho does not have the moral authority or right to make decisions regarding the Naga political movement since the Lotha people have ‘Naga National Workers to represent the community’.

LPO reminded that on April 19 and 20, 2002, the then Lotha Hoho led by Lt. Nyanbemo Nguilie, resolved that the Lotha tribe welcomes early settlement of Indo-Naga political issue provided that, settlement should be honorable and acceptable to the Nagas which was declared in Bangkok in the 3rd Naga People's consultative meeting. The same was submitted for record at Hebron on January 21, 2005 by the then Lotha Hoho leaders on behalf of the Lotha people, it said.

As such, the Lothas uphold the same resolution till date; the LPO asserted and added that it shall be treated as its ‘ultimate resolution’.

In this regard, the LPO disapproved the Lotha Hoho team resolution to represent Lothas on Naga political solution.
It reiterated that it would not allow the Lotha people to be misled by ‘people with vested interests’.

Further, LPO cautioned that, any individual or group under Lotha soil defying or derailing the current political negotiations would be held responsible fully responsible for any “untoward incidents or ramifications.”

Meanwhile, the LPO urged right thinking and sensible citizens of the Lotha community not to stay as “mute spectators,” but to raise their voices and think for the upcoming younger generation.