Mask Up: 3-year old’s sensible act wins internet

3-year old Lipavi sits outside her house in Hevolimi Village on June 4. (Photo Courtesy:IEC Bureau, CMO Office Zunheboto)

3-year old Lipavi sits outside her house in Hebolimi Village on June 4. (Photo Courtesy:IEC Bureau, CMO Office Zunheboto)

Morung Express News
Dimapur | June 4

Lipavi, the 3-year old girl from Hebolimi village, caused quite a stir when a photograph of her at the Health and Wellness Centre (HWC) Hebolimi went viral on June 3.  At a time when even adults are showing reluctance to get tested, the 3-year old decided to pay a visit to the HWC all by herself after noticing symptoms of common cold.

However, it was not just the visit which caught people’s attention. Lipavi showed up wearing a mask and an interaction between the 3-year old and the Community Health Officer (CHO) caught on camera soon became the talk of the town.

Since the photo was first shared by The Morung Express on June 3, it has been reposted several times and the State’s legislators have also tagged Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan on Twitter, drawing more attention to the story.


Oblivious of the hype online, Lipavi told The Morung Express on Friday that she was feeling better and that she cannot wait to meet her friends again.

Born to Nilovili and Tohuvi of Hebolimi village in Zunheboto district, Lipavi is the youngest of four children and has three elder brothers.

According to Lipavi’s mother, the 3-year old is ‘wise beyond her years’ and keeps telling her family members to wear masks before going out.

She started school this year and most probably learnt the importance of hand washing and wearing masks from the sensitization programmes organized in schools before the lockdown.

With some netizens asking how a 3-year old could visit the health center by herself, the medical staff informed that the center is at a walkable distance from Lipavi’s house. While other children were with their parents, Lipavi was seen standing alone in the queue and so they called her in and attended to her, they shared.

After the check-up on Thursday, Community Health Officer (CHO), Vinoli Awomi along with a nurse conducted a home visit and have been following up on Lipavi’s health. “She had an upper respiratory infection for which we have provided medication. Her health is improving and she should be fine in no time,” the CHO said.

The medical team in the village has been disseminating information related to COVID-19 appropriate behaviours and precautions to be followed during the pandemic. Lipavi’s story shows that our efforts to sensitize the community have not gone to waste and it is a big encouragement to us, the CHO said. She also expressed optimism that if every single person starts taking responsibility like Lipavi, the fight against COVID-19 would become easier.

While Lipavi is being hailed as a ‘social hero’ for reminding people to ‘mask up’,  many were also curious to know what prompted a 3-year old to wear a mask before going out; a practice some adults are yet to inculcate.

On Friday, the little girl answered the question without mincing words- “I am scared of corona virus, so I wear a mask.”

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