Match Report Inter District High School tournament

1st Match
Kings Way School  Vs Dimapur Mision Higher Secondary school(DMHSS)
Toss: DMHSS chose to bat
DMHSS Scored a whopping 212 runs in 25 Overs losing 7 wickets. Sarafuddin Scored 50 runs and Jay kishan 39 runs respectively.
Kings way School Managed 120 runs all out  Hedaya and Jafir claming 4 and 3 wickets respectively
Result Dmhss won by 92 runs
2nd Match Pranab Vidyapith Higher Secondary School VS Bronson School
Toss: Pranab Vidyapith Higher Sec School Chose to bat. They scored 150 runs all out in 21 overs.Prasant scored 40 runs in 31 balls. Avinash from Bronson School took 3 Wickets. In reply Bonson were all out for 120 runs with prasant claming 5 WKTS. Prasant of Pranab was declared Man of The Match.  Abu Mehta Gen Secretary watched the second match of the day along with other Nagaland Cricket Association members