MBC centennial celebration concludes

(Left) Centenary choir, presenting special number during the devotional service at Meriema centenary celebration. (Right)  Senior pastor, Baptist mission church, Rev. Kiezotuo Zhale, delivering sermon during the devotional service at Meriema 100 years centenary celebration. (Morung Photos)
Meriema | January 16 : The three day long centennial celebration of Meriema Baptist Church concluded today, here at Meriema village. Senior pastor, Baptist Mission Church, Rev. Kiezotuo Zhale, blessed the devotional service in the morning where hundreds of believers from Angami region including Minister, Urban Development, Dr. Shurhozelie Liezetsu and his wife also attended the service.
Rev. Zhale said salvation can be achieved by believing in God which cannot be acquired by anything. The Reverend maintained, with the love and sacrifice of Jesus, light has been shone over the world blessing every human including ‘us’. “Gospel reached to us thereby we are blessed, believe in him, and you will be blessed”, said Rev. Zhale. He also called upon the congregation to let the centenary celebration be the beginning of new life and hope, also to continue work and spread the gospel around, “This is how we repay for what Jesus has done for us”.
The programme was observed with songs from grand children and great grand children, from old to the youngest child in the family of the founder of the church, Meselie Ciesotsu, Phensunyu Baptist church choir and centenary choir. Earlier, the service was chaired by Head Deacon, Sedevi while Rev. Ketsozeho Sale, Evangelist-At-Large, ABCC invoke God’s blessing. Rev. Lhouzoviu Shuya, President ABCC, Neiyanuo Phewhuo, Missionary west Gazing, Sikkim delivered greetings.