Mitsubishi Motors to raise output in India, Brazil

New Delhi, January 16 (Agencies): Mitsubishi Motors will streamline production in Japan, the United States and Europe while increasing output in emerging markets including Brazil and India, a report said Saturday. By redistributing resources, the automaker aims to lift global production to 1.5 million units, up 50% from the year to March 2010, the Nikkei business daily said.
In the United States, Japan’s fourth-largest automaker will stop production of three models designed only for the North American market, such as the Eclipse, now manufactured at a plant in Illinois. But the company will increase output of such models as the Outlander sports utility vehicle that can be sold in other foreign markets, the Nikkei said.
In Europe, it will stop production of the Colt subcompact model next year, while the firm also plans to reduce or freeze production of certain models at Japanese plants. Meanwhile, the Japanese automaker will invest in Brazil to boost local production, while preparing to start output from India by investing in a local partner, the Nikkei said. It is also exploring a joint venture in India with France’s PSA Peugeot Citroen. Mitsubishi Motors aims to manufacture low-priced vehicles based on minicars jointly developed with Nissan Motor Co.