My Humble Response to WC: NNPG LEADERS

Rev Seksim Kasar
General Secretary, CNC

I thank God and to the leaders of WC and NNPGS for their prompt response to my press note issued the other day. I hope this is a good deal of interaction which will usher a way to bring us together closer than ever before. Thank you very much.

You have pointed out both the positive and negative aspects of the statement. Let these be the stepping stones for understanding each other. I am extremely happy to read in your statement “senior Naga National Workers and father figures,” which really humbled me. I believe everyone will appreciate the statement because at the end of the day you are bound to live out and prove yourselves. Also, I am to highly appreciate you for your one rule you have “transparency” which is an inherent characteristic of civilized society. Thank you very much for re-assuring me that you are not the foot soldiers of the Indian Agencies. Let your action speak louder than your word. May God bless you continually as you stand true to what you have assured openly.

It is true we have hurt each other on account of exchanging unsavory words. Nevertheless, let us take it on the positive aspects. For we are not going to live the past but the future. May I pray, let us live one day at a time as we roll on the wheels of time together. 

Thank you once again for your gentle encouragement with much concern for me personally. My prayer is assured for you all. I hope you too will pray for us.

God Bless You.