This is My Story

Tenyebinlo Himb, Class 12 Arts, Tetso College

We are often in a dilemma whether we should or shouldn’t do certain things. We tend to doubt our capabilities and are afraid to fail when we face hurdles. We all have our ups and downs, and my life has been a testament to the unpredictability of life. Wrong decisions and a desire to get back to what I was perhaps supposed to do made me take a U-turn in life. This is my story.  

At a very young age, I was a victim of peer pressure and was unable to pursue the dreams I had set for myself. It was hard for me to believe andunderstand what was actually happening to me. I gave up all hope of studying because I felt like a failure. I thought it would be too difficult to study again and sit in a classroom. I thought my life had no meaning and I wanted to give up. I would often find myself questioning God as to why He is making me suffer.  

In August of 2013, I ventured into cycling and gradually started to feel alive. Participation in various events made me realize my love for cycling. My passion continued to grow and I formed The TNB Cycling Club in 2013.After the ACAUT Rally in Dimapur, I told myself I will be the change. I realized the real meaning of life is to live for others and doing greater deeds with what we have and can do. And I finally realized that I must be educated. I have to graduate at least so that I can become a successful person. A game of badminton with my friends led us to share stories about our lives. I realized everyone has problems. My friends encouraged me not to give up and it is never too late!  

Unsure of my decision, I shared my thoughts with my parents. I remember Dad told me there is never any harm in trying again. So here I am today, a proud class 12 student who is running on my 23 years of life’s experiences. I decided to continue my studies after a gap of 5 years and joined Tetso College. I had my doubts about whether I was making the right decision. For starters, there was a huge age gap between me and my new classmates. The key was holding on, and never giving up. Friends and family joined in their advice of ‘better late than never’, which I think was true.  

Phew! It wasn’t easy for me to go back to being a regular student again, but learning never stops and has no limit. Many of us dream of becoming somebody who is honoured, respected, rich, and influential, but there are only a few who achieve it. Dreams should be transformed into actions. With hard work and perseverance, we can achieve our dreams.  

There is a great saying, “Rome was not built in a day”. We should remember and know that it takes time for good things to happen, and for it to happen, we have to be patient and work hard without giving up. Abraham Lincoln was defeated eight times in various elections, but then he went on to become the 16th President of the United States of America. Success comes to those who do not give up. We are the author of our destiny. Nagaland can and will change only if youand metogether as ‘WE’ march united, thinking for the greater good and transforming it into action.  

Change will not happen overnight. It’s time we think out of the box and proclaim to ourselves “I will be the change”. So much is possible, so much is indeed possible, and I repeat, so much is possible! At times, we are too concerned about what people will think of us and our actions. This is something which we really have to change. We have to live a life where we can express freely and aim for a better world.

A few weeks ago, my mother showed me a video. In it, a person shows kindness to a young boy who was probably homeless. He feeds him with food from a restaurant and when the bill came,to the kind man’s surprise, it was printed, “We do not charge for humanity”. The manager smiled at the man. It was a lovely video indeed. By being humble, united, thinking out of the box, and not caring about what people might think, the person and the manager did something good. I was touched and amazed to see how two strangers can do a miracle, and a thought came to my mind, if they can, why not we?

  I end with these words from an anonymous writer, “First I was dying to finish high school and start college. And then I was dying to finish college and start working. Then I was dying to marry and have children. And then I was dying for my children to grow old enough for school so I could return to work. Then I was dying to retire…and suddenly I realized I had forgotten to live.” So much is possible if only we don’t ever give up.