Naga Machete launch paintball venue in Dimapur

(From Top to Bottom) SDO (Civil), Dimapur Hotulu Swu tries a hand with the paintball marker. A player takes position during an exhibition game held at the venue, during the launch on Wednesday, April 27 at Highway 39 Go-Karting in Dimapur. (Morung Photos)

DIMAPUR, APRIL 27 (MExN): Paintball as a sport is gradually becoming popular here in Nagaland. A game of strategy – it involves the participation of players (usually two opposing teams), with the objective of eliminating opponents by hitting them with paintballs fired from a gas powered ‘gun’ – the appropriate term being paintball marker.  It can however, be played with a variety of rules and variations, which are specified before play begins. Games are played either at indoor or outdoor locations, with artificial or natural terrain, which the players should use to their advantage. Aside from the objective of eliminating opponents, a player must not get hit to continue playing. For safety though, protective gears like face masks, chest guard, neck guard etc are a must.
Naga Machete – comprising of four Naga entrepreneurs was formed in May of 2010 with the aim of creating recreational activities, particularly for the youths. The foursome finally getting an opportunity to set up a permanent venue for the sport launched it today at Highway 39 Go-Karting, Padum Pukhri, Dimapur, complete with artificial obstacles. “Since, paintball is one of the fastest growing extreme outdoor sports in the world, we decided to bring up a permanent zone/venue at Dimapur, and Naga Machete will make sure that our young and talented youths are nurtured to participate in the state/national or international levels in different divisions”, one member of Naga Machete.
SDO (Civil), Dimapur Hotulu Swu attended the formal launch of the venue today. Those with interest for the game or are curious enough to get a taste of the rush of adrenaline can visit Highway 39 Go-Karting. Provided that there are enough players, one need only pay for the paintballs at Rs. 3 apiece. The paintballs contain non-toxic, biodegradable, water soluble mineral-oil and can be washed off with ordinary detergent. The rest of the equipments will be provided by the proprietors. Safety must come first at all times, however.