Naga political dairy in brief and solution through confession of “sins” thereof

I. Vitokhe Assumi
Naga senior citizen

At times like this, when the people are in confusion for our political solution and confronting the ideas for what to do? And when the collective leadership declared in their press statement, saying, “Solution delayed by Sumis” it is the moral duty of all the Naga senior citizens to give comment on the question of “where is the solution?” and “how to have the solution?” as such, I being one of the senior citizen give my comment and suggestions as follows. 

The Naga nationalist felt that, the Naga political solution would be found through the Memorandum, discussion, plebiscites, wars and dialogues thereby searched for it. But they could not find out any solution any where, now we have located in the court of god. Now the Nagas must confess our sins to God for our political solution. See Matthew 6:33 “seek ye first the kingdom of God, and righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you”.

Our ancestors had thought of getting our solution from the British India and submitted the Memorandum to Simon Commission in 1929 that visited Kohima. But, no solution out of that “Leave us alone” Memorandum. The Britishers did not spell a word for the Nagas during the departure India, except encourage the formation of NNC in 1946, which cause the Blood Bath for more than six decades. Secondly, our ancestors had in mind to solve our solution with Indians through mutual discussions. Accordingly, under the banner of the NNC, lead by than NNC President Mr. Imti Aliba Ao that visited Delhi with the Naga delegation in August 1947 and met with Mahatma Gandhi , the Father of the India National and conveyed the wishes of the Naga People, that says “the Nagas are the independent people and not the Indians” in response, Mahatma Gandhi said “if the Nagas says you are not Indians, than the matter ends there” the out come of the positive response from Mahatma Gandhi was the declaration of 14th August as the Naga independence day and celebrated. But, that was not the end of our problem, as the India republic did not honor the promise given to the Nagas by Mahatma Gandhi. Hence, NNC initiated the Naga Plebiscite and conducted the same on the 16th May 1951 that won 99.9% mandate from the Nagas.

Since, The Indian Parliament did not honor the 16th may 1951 Naga plebiscite and declared war on Naga innocent public, the NNC had no other option than to form the federal Government of Nagaland in 1956, to fight back on the strength of the Government repulsed the Indian invasion on Naga Hills in a befitting manner, that fought for ten years war with India, from 1954 to 1964. But, no solution could be found out of war with India, the outcome of that few years’ war with India was the ceasefire that emerged and the peace talk was resumed with India. Effecting from 6th September 1964 to 1967, till the peace talk had ended in “Dead lock”.

Again war broke out with effect from the date of dead lock of peace talk in 1967, and that continued for 20 years, which lasted from 1967 to 6th July 1997, till the declaration of the cease fire for second time on the 7th July 1997. Again, Peace talk had resumed for the second time with the GOI and peace dialogue is now going on, between the GOI and the NSCN. Yet there is uncertainty atmosphere on the way to the Naga Political solution, which, every Naga must be aware and think it twice. At least, we should turn to God for our Solution, which is the only way to our solution.

India is a democratic country of “No solution” with any issue followed “delaying-tactics” policy, on all issues.  The reason of this “ No-Solution” out of “delaying-tactics” is that, no political party in India can take the risk on “issue” for the national interest, as they are all for Political party interest to remain in power. In a country like USA, Party interest is next to national interest. As such in USA the party in power shall solve any solution at the cost of their party position, if it is the National interest of the Nation.

Now, let us come to the point of “delaying-tactics” and “no-solution” in a democracy like India there can never win the consensus opinion in the parliament, on any issues, except in the case of the national security like, when the situation is threatening the country’s sovereign then only consensus shall arrive in the parliament and declare war, if necessary. in the case of the creation of many new states in India, after her independence, consensus opinion was not sought for the re demarcation of states borders nor new states were created without touching and inch  of a state, out of which new states were created. Knowing all these past history very well, when the then Prime Minister of India Atal Bihari Vajpai-ji paid his maiden visit to Kohima, he said, “consensus opinion required to change the state borders,” which was hailed by the Imphal valley people and some Politicians in Nagaland. This was seconded by the declaration of the national Congress I Party president Madam Sonia Gandhi during her election campaign in Manipur state, as she said, “Not an inch of the state borders shall be altered,” and the sentence bailed out the Congress I party in the Manipur state General Assembly election and for which her party is in power such a statement in the open air by the Indian leaders shall surely encourage the neighboring states people to raise against the integration issue and that shall prolong the solution indefinitely. Such are the delaying tactics languages uttered by the Indian leaders for their party interest, is what we can rightly located. Hence, if the Nagas feels that, the “Nagas integration is must,’ than the solution to it is no other way that through God” and through God means we must stop killing among the Nagas as this is the commandment of God to the Nagas. In continuation to our Obedience to God we reconcile among ourselves and come together in unification. Thereby, our solution shall arise at any moment. The God of Israelites that rescued Israelites from the Egypt and the same God that dismantled the communist country USSR into 16 kingdoms can do any thing against India at any moment, thereby, Nagalim shall become one of its fractions, is what we must hope  

Let us come to the point of how we all should confess our sins to god. This “Naga sins” must be owned by all of us. No one of us can say “I have no sin”. Since, the time when we gave our mandate to the Naga National Leaders and Naga National Workers in the form plebiscite in 1951 and in the form of resolution in2006, at Hebron. What ever good or bad committed by our national leaders and national workers in any factions and organizations for the causes of the Naga sovereignty every Naga have the share in it.  Therefore, our confession of sins shall have to be in the manner of “Ninevites confession,” during “Jonah’s day,” Let us not confess others sins, but our sins. As the others also have to confess their Old sins if they are Nagas. If any tribes have more sins than the other, that tribe must have more contributions to the Naga cause. Lets us not disappoint our selves when other says we have more sins, but ,  lets us see at the other side of the coin, there we find we have more sacrifices and contributions to the nation than others.

Let all the Naga Leaders irrespective of Factions and organizations where the sackcloth, as the king of “NINEVEH” and go on fast, for the solution followed by all the Nagas. This is possible after when the Naga reconciliation and the Naga unification is achieved. Now, choose either “GOD” or nor “No –Solution”. Decision is ours.