Naga political groups greet on Naga I-Day

DIMAPUR, AUGUST 13 (MExN): The different Naga political groups have issued statements to the media on the occasion of August 14 Naga Independence Day. In a speech delivered by Brig. (Retd) S. Singnya, Kedahge, FGN, it was pointed out that the reconciliation move initiated by the Forum for Naga Reconciliation should not be abandoned “as long as the path is charted by wisdom that comes from God Almighty”. The FGN stated that it was for “wholesome solution” and one that is done through “a unified, concerted effort”. We believe that Naga solution lies in our unity though we also believe that unity does not imply uniformity, the FGN stated.

Mr. Z Royim Yimchungrii, Acting President of Naga National Council made the affirmation that this is the time for the Naga people from every corner in the Homeland to come together “to discuss thoroughly and seriously the Naga political objective of freedom before it is too late because we do not want to see any more divisions or pointless bloodshed”. 

NSCN (IM) President Isak Chishi Swu on the occasion stated that it was committed to reconciliation amongst the Nagas but it must be based on a “correct foundation”. “We have not gone back on our commitment. However, it must be understood that the initiative of reconciliation slowed down on account of the lack of sincerity from the other groups”, Swu stated while appreciating the facilitating role of the FNR. 

The NSCN (IM) stated that the reconciliation process must reach its logical conclusion based on realistic foundation that respects and upholds the “Unique history of the Nagas” and in the name of the Jehovah. “We will leave no stone unturned for such reconciliation,” it stated.

Kiumukam V.P, NNC (N.A) in his message stated that the “question of Naga sovereignty can never be a closed chapter” and that “instead we shall march on in unity with the freedom flag which our forefathers have hoisted for us!” The message also called upon every “Naga intellectuals to come together, join us for a brain-storming session to decide the best solution and future of the Nagas”.