Naga Women Hoho demand legal justice

Dimapur, April 8 (MExN): Dimapur Naga Women Hoho has named two persons for two separate instances of rape in March and another in April.  In the first instance, the Naga Women Hoho stated, the victim was a mentally challenged minor girl. One Muslim person, one Emam Ali by name, raped the minor girl in the Sugar Mill area, the ‘hoho’ stated in a note today.
In the other rape case, on April 1, the ‘hoho’ named one Ranjit Choudhury, a Bengali house owner residing in Master’s colony of Kuda village, Half Nagarjan. The ‘hoho’ said he raped another mentally challenged girl aged about 16. The victim is a daughter of a domestic helper and a tenant of the rapist. A note from the ‘hoho’ was received here.
“It may be noted that the victim’s freedom, their human right and their dignity has been violated and totally shattered by the rapist. Such type of sexual offence committed to a minor girl who is innocent, voiceless, handicapped and above all both of them are mentally challenged. This issue needs to be taken very seriously,” the women organization stated.
The Advocate, Public Prosecutor and the court have a big role to play while tackling such kind of sexual offences, the ‘hoho’ reminded the judiciary. “It may be pertinent to remind the judicial authorities and advocates that the victim’s human right is more important than the rapist’s human right when such type of intolerable criminal act/sexual offence is committed.”
The Naga Women Hoho has demanded, “Legal justice because in Legal justice the offender of law should be booked and punished as deemed fit and proper”. The NWHD has appealed to the judicial authorities the two accused should be confined to imprisonment “not less than 7 years or more and they should be imprisoned till they are reformed.” The ‘hoho’ further appealed to all to contribute “your role to minimize and stop any kind of sexual offence to any girl child and women.”
“Most important step would be changing your mindset and the mindset of the society on a girl or women as a ‘sexual object’. Having such mindset can contribute or support to the act of any kind of sexual offence to a girl or women in our society. Women are human beings therefore respect women’s human right,” the Naga Women Hoho added.

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