Nagaland - a No Go land

Where is the government? Where sleeps the administration? Who will look after us? Miscreants comes to the town, encircle it, tell us to vacate the area, carryout extortion, fratricidal killings and above all threaten of adverse consequences and get away with it stating that we are fighting for you all. It is high time now to concede that things are not all that hunky-dory in our state. How can they be when miscreants have guts to walk into an area, indulge in fear tactics and subversion, coercing public to support them and negate the rival factions.

On March 20, approximately 100 NSCN cadres of Issac- Muivah faction entered the town of Phek dressed openly in IRS uniform they came in police trucks and spread like wildfire in the town and demanded a staff nurse to vacate the house of Zachelo an ex MLA of Congress. Earlier on Feb 27 a group of 30 cadres of both the factions of NSCN entered Meluri town and ended up in clash. On 17 March the so called intra rival group of FGN ended up in clash in Phek Town and recently on 25 March NSCN (IM) cadres entered Phek Basa and ended up fighting with cadres of FGN at Lozaphemi. The recent examples are full of such killings in our area which ends up in loss of life, achieving almost nothing. I do not know about our ideological groups but we have definitely lost life and property.

Mushrooming of underground terrorists in town and cities and inhibit the process and growth of legitimate economic development activities has become today bane in Nagaland. I am still to analyse the strategy behind the ongoing clash and differences between the factions on one hand and ongoing peace process on the other - which is going to rule the dias-sovereignty, integration or division within us. All said and done in the “Clash of Titans” we are bearing the brunt. Is the voluminous history of loosing life in fratricidal killing not enough for us to understand that what can be achieved at the end of the day is satisfaction of ego over the heap of dead innocents. Pray Jesus to liberate us and punish t he criminals

Marc Chakesang, Phek