Nagaland Govt cuts 20% of non development funds from 82 depts

KOHIMA, MAY 6 (MExN): The Government of Nagaland has decided to curb down 20% non development expenditure from government departments in order to mobilize funds for fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In view of the emerging requirements for mobilizing additional funds for providing free COVID-19 vaccine and other COVID-19 related activities, the Government hereby directs that there be pro-rata cuts of 20% under Non Development from the Budget Estimate 2021-22,” stated an office memorandum issued by the State Finance Department on May 6.

The pro rata or proportional cuts will be made from funds meant for travel expenses, office expenses, motor vehicles and maintenance. The memo informed that Rs 546.88 lakhs will be cut from travel expenses; Rs 504.55 lakhs from office expenses; Rs 734.78 lakhs from motor vehicles expenses; and Rs 1982.39 lakhs from maintenance expenses.

The cuts will be made from the non development funds of 82 State Departments amounting to a total of Rs 47.68 Crores. The initial Budget Estimate 2021-22 had allocated Rs 239.74 Crores for expenses under the 4 non development activities cited in the order. The revised allocation now comes to Rs 192.05 Crores.  

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