Nagaland Govt sanctions 30 lakh for construction of new morgue in Kohima

The existing morgue in Kohima is in a dilapidated condition. (Morung File Photo)
The existing morgue in Kohima is in a dilapidated condition. (Morung File Photo)

Good news but concern flagged over land stability 

Morung Express News
Kohima | April 15

Kohima will soon have a proper morgue, if things go as planned. The state government has sanctioned the construction to replace an existing ramshackle morgue at Paramedical colony.   

Principal Director of Health & Family Welfare, Dr Kevichusa Medikhru, while confirming this, informed that Rs. 30 lakh has been sanctioned, under the State Plan 2020-2021, for a new morgue.

While stating that Kohima will have a proper morgue in a few months time, he said that construction will soon begin at the present site after dismantling the old structure.

In an exclusive report published in November 2020, The Morung Express had highlighted the neglected state of the morgue. Besides the unhygienic conditions, the building itself is crumbling with huge cracks on the walls and cemented floor. Similar is the condition of the morgue at the District Hospital, Dimapur, which also fails even the basic hygiene requirement. 

Meanwhile, the Kohima district health establishment was reported to have forwarded several representations in the past to the state Health Directorate emphasizing the need to rebuild and upgrade the morgue.  Though it could not be ascertained when, the Directorate finally submitted a proposal, which was approved by the government.  

Speaking to The Morung Express, an official from the Health Directorate Engineering wing, added that the construction will begin in a month or so and targeting to complete by the end of the year. 

While it is welcome news, a doctor expressed concern on the stability of the land. Speaking on condition of anonymity, the doctor commented, “Actually that area is a sinking area. So, it will be wastage of investment and moreover it’s in the middle of a (residential) colony.”

He disclosed that initially, an area behind the NHAK was identified for construction of a morgue but it is not known what happened to that plan. Nevertheless, “Something is better than nothing,” he remarked, while expressing hope that a state-of-the-art mortuary will soon materialise in the Medical College, Kohima. Till such time, he said that a decent morgue is urgently required.

The new morgue will include a changing area, store room, mortuary, wash area, specimen preparation area, two toilets, doctor’s room, consultation/police room, lobby and ramp.

The present morgue was actually a staff quarter before and located in a residential area with no avenue for expansion.

While the initiative for construction of a new morgue is highly appreciated, it defies the Indian Health Facility Guidelines’ prescribed standard for morgues. 

Note: This story is with the corrected headline, the rest of the story remains the same. The amount in the headline has been corrected from Rs 30 crores to Rs 30 lakh.