Nagaland: Students start one-stop platform for COVID-19 related info

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Kohima | June 1

In this time of crisis, information system plays a crucial role in managing information particularly for those seeking information on an urgent basis for hospitals, helpline support systems, crematoriums, psychological support etc.

The government and its agencies and various civil based organisations have been giving out phone number for various COVID-related matters for those in need. However, the information has all been spread out which becomes a little inconvenient in times of emergency.

Understanding this issue, a group of students and scholars have collected all vital phone numbers and created a one-stop database containing all COVID related support and resources across Nagaland. 

The database link has  district-wise information of  phone numbers for all COVID related services and support such as crematorium/coffin, hospital, government support, District Task Force, ambulance services, testing centers, community support, quarantine centers, tele-counselling etc.

Speaking to The Morung Express, a member of the group, Lungyina Meru said the idea was conceptualized to help the people seeking information on COVID related services.

“When we initially started, we wanted to help people as much as we can in whatever little way is possible and we found out that the government and other sources are giving so much information but it’s all scattered, so we thought that it would be helpful for the people if all the information is gathered in one database,” Meru shared

“It is a one-stop information service, so that citizens do not have to scramble for bits of information everywhere. It is easy to use with verified information and is being updated daily,” said Meru.

“We are a group of about six people. Some of us are studying, doing Ph.D. and some working full time while most of us are IIT alumni” said Meru and added that they started in the month of May whereby they have started collected the data being released by the State government as well as from communities across the State. “We have listed all those numbers on the database as much as we can,” she informed.

In order for the database to reach maximum people, she said they have shared the link on various social media platforms.

“This is a small initiative from our side trying to do best with what we have, how we can help through this. And through our small efforts, if someone’s life is saved or is useful to someone out there, it’s good enough for us,” Meru said modestly.

The other members of the group are Naro, Meren, Thuli Chishi, Keben and Loik. To have a strong information support system, Meru has appealed anyone with information to contact her at 7302899860 (e-mail and Thuli Chishi at 9372764620 or email at


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