Nagas in dilemma stage

I am just a layman. Today I want to speak the truth in this writing. I am not favouring or supporting to any underground faction or community. After reading the story of the fiery Sunday at Wungram colony on 22nd April 2007 the burning down of 30 houses and properties worth’s lakhs and lakhs of rupees which started at 11.30 Am and continued till 7.00 P.m. in presence of state police forces and Indian Army forces, I have been really hurt/touched of my sentiment. And I am compelled to speak so from my inner voice. I could not believe at first instant, it was like a dream for me. Later on I was confirmed that it has really/factually happened after reading the article of Abraham Lotha in the Morung Express of dated 1st May 2007 where he reported rightly the factual incident as he himself witnessed it on that black day. I am very thankful to Abraham Lotha for highlighting in the news paper the factual incident with courage and sincerity.

The cause of the incident was just the beaten up to one Sumi Auto driver by three Thankful boys. This very small normal youth quarrelling cannot lead to such an ugly and a horrible incident. Technically speaking something must be there. One day or the other day the truth will come out because nobody can hide from the untruthful actions for a long time. From the context of this ugly scene what I believe is that it must be a pre-planned game.

Now, what the many people saying is can this small quarrelling between few youths be compensated with the burning down of 30 houses and properties worth’s lakhs and lakhs rupees besides giving miseries to hundreds of children and women? A crime committed by an individual cannot be implicated to his/her whole community. Individual crime must be litigated as per the law of the land accordingly. Today, these three youths happened to be Tangkhuls, have done crime against one Sumi youth. Next time, it may be another tribe versus another tribe. And Dimapur being a commercial/business centre every type of community from four corners of our country are living together. Weall must learn to live together with peace and harmony. If we see the daily local news papers where crimes committed by different people or individual, Sumis are also not less than other tribe or Tangkhula

What I really feel is that, the main culprits (who are really the masterminded.) the mob should be traced out and punished according to the law of the land. State Govt, should also set up an enquiry commission as it is mandatory for the State Govt, to do so. In the same way those three Tangkhul boys should also be punished according to his/her nature and degree of crime committed by him/her. It is learnt that the Sumi leaders and Tangkhul leaders sat together and solved the problem amicably by forgiving each other. Both the communities have done good things in time of Christian faith. But the ugly incident of burning down 30 houses and properties worth’s lakhs and lakhs rupees will never be forgotten in ones mind in future. What it struck to my mind once again is that, a culprit(s) set free just by forgiving is too light/bad in the eyes of the world as its implications in the society in near future may bring more harm than good.

Every Naga tribe has good people as well as bad people. No tribe is perfect in all aspects. One thing that I would like to let the Naga public know is that NSCN (IM) cannot be implicated as whole Tangkhuls; NSCN (IM) is not for Tangkhuls only. It is government for the Naga people of the Naga people and by the Naga people.

Likewise, NSCN (K), NNC etc also are Govts for all Nagas. If we say that NSCN (IM) is for Tangkhuls (since they are the majority), then what NSCN (K) is for (majority is Sumi’s and Konyak’s)? Then what is for other tribes? Therefore whoever misinterprete any underground group should be dealt very seriously because this is a question of Naga National principal. In every faction there are good and devoted patriots who are really devoted for the nation. As far as my knowledge on arrogance and proud ness is concern, both NSCN (IM) and NSCN (k) has no different. No faction has the right to make allegations to each other because both factions are in the same ship. No faction is better or more sincere in regards to financial matters. It is an open secret that many underground officers of all factions have big land, palatial building, luxurious cars etc, in their own town or village. The reward of sin is death. Only God is the ultimate and competent authority to bring judgement on every sinner.

The most danger that the Naga public should know is the evil plane of Govt of India i.e., DIVIDE AND RULE POLICY. Why Tangkhuls can be served Quit Notice? It is the evil plane of the Govt of India. And the NSCN (K) is knowingly or unknowingly executing the evil plan of Indian Govt.It is one kind o hate campaign which will ultimately fulfill the evil plan of divide and Rule Policy.

I have got so many Tangkhul friends, like classmates, office goers businessman, church workers etc, all of them are good as others Naga friends. In other words other Nagas are no better than Tangkhuls in all aspects.

Truly speaking, Tangkhuls have sacrificed enough for the Nagas cause. They have had enough perseverance and patience through they have been humiliated many a times.

Now, Naga public is annoyed of NSCN (K), because this respectable government is always writing unnecessary things against whole Tangkhuls. Why whole Tangkhuls are blame for few officers of NSCN (IM)? It is so childish. What benefit to get from this? Are the Tangkhuls really the stumbling block to Nagas solution? If so, let us (all Nagas) request the Tangkhuls to stay away from present Nagaland state till we get our problem solved. But I don’t think that they are stumbling block. The stumbling block is you and me, because we are not sincere and faithful in our duties. Both NSCN (IM) and NSCN (K)

Should join hands together so that Naga political solution can be achieved. Even if NSCN (IM) fails to talk, NSCN (K) will not be doing better than NSCN (IM), therefore both should be united, this is the desire of all Nagas.

Lastly, I believe that one day all the intellectuals, educated, tribal leaders, student leaders, concern Nagas etc will come with one voice against the underground organization who is betraying the Nagas rights that will make Nagas United Family.


S. Karmutrang, Kohima