Nature’s Symphony (Till you came)

Composed for the occasion of World Environmental Day, 5th June

T N Mannen

Truly the forest is deep, dark and mysterious
The light of the dawn is breaking
Waking up to life the flora and fauna
Showing its beauty and splendour

The morning dews frolic innocently
Dancing from leaf to leaf swaying gently
Till it land on the cascading brook
below so pristine and full of riverine lives.

The rested birds chirping
melodiously while animals listen
As they come alive, cozy
in their resting place.

Nature’s musical symphony
Is in the air as though it’s never ending 
Oh! What a lovely creation, 
Almighty God

It’s a magical world, I am ecstatic
To be part of its beauty
Oh! It’ll be a tragic shame to
Destroy this harmony of nature’s life.
So enchanting and lovely.

Destroy not, but protect and preserve.
So that no one will accuse you,
Everything was lovely and beautiful till you came.