NE women bikers ‘breaking stereotypes’

Three women bikers on a tour across the North East were felicitated in Kohima on April 8. (Morung Photo)
Three women bikers on a tour across the North East were felicitated in Kohima on April 8. (Morung Photo)

Morung Express News
Kohima | April 8 

Having traversed challenging and adventurous roads three, women bikers on a 7-day-tour across the North East, arrived in Kohima this afternoon.

They include Nirmali Nath from Assam, Onen Nenty from Nagaland and Rosalynn Lushai from Mizoram. Their tour was formally flagged off on April 3 at Guwahati as they geared themselves to ride across the region under the theme ‘Breaking Stereotype and Redefining North East.’ With Nagaland covered, they are now headed to their last destination Itanagar in Arunachal Pradesh.

In Kohima, they were accorded a warm felicitation by KK Motor Kohima, Department of Tourism, Nagaland Tourism Association (NTA) and biker Neitho Khamo at The Heritage. Their shared love for riding bikes has birthed the concept of the North East Tour as they continue to explore the exquisite beauty of the region. Beyond that, Onen Nenty said, “we want to show that women in North East are not just sitting at home. We are not just women who are comfortable in the kitchen, we want to think beyond that, we are coming out of our comfort zones.”

Describing themselves as ‘crazy people’, she expressed that “if you want to achieve extraordinary, you have to be crazy.” It is for the first time that women riders are coming out together in this manner even as she noted that “we are contributing to our society, our North East and we also want to show that North East women are not just sitting at home.

We have the capability to do everything if you follow your passion, follow your dream, everything is possible.”

Recalling the experience of the states they have covered so far, she said they were greeted with warm hospitality of the local people everywhere they went. 

Nirmali Nath also echoed the same sentiments while putting across that “I get goosebumps whenever we are being received- local people giving us water, fruits, food, we got so much love and support from everyone with people hosting us, feeding us and giving us shelter.”

She said the roads were challenging while stating that “there are good roads, bad roads, off roads, and no roads” but nature, landscape and the warmth of people, she added were “amazing.” “We want to show people what is there in North East as riders representing our states and we feel proud of it”, she said.

Nirmali Nath from Assam and Rosalynn Lushai have both travelled more than 1 lakh kilometers on bikes in the past while Onen Nenty previously undertook a solo bike tour across Nagaland.

Veyielo Doulo, Deputy Director for Tourism congratulated the three bikers on undertaking the tour while pointing out that it is very challenging and not easy to ride through rugged roads in the North East. He lauded them for displaying enthusiasm and courage in spreading the message of love and peace among the seven states and further encouraged them to continue to do this noble job. “As ambassadors of tourism in North East, go out and spread the love and beauty of the region to India”, he added.

Also speaking on the occasion, Vincent Belho said the female bikers are truly the ambassadors of tourism in North East India. He called upon them to continue to showcase to the world that Nagaland and the North east are a hot tourist destination.  

Earlier, Sapulu Krocha, General Manager of KK Motor Kohima chaired the felicitation programme.