Network, electricity and online class problem


The current pandemic has caused to the shutting down of educational institutions and so online classes were introduced. For some reason it is good that the institutions are trying it's best for the educational continuation but also there are problems being faced by the students. From my personal experience I raise this problem. There are many towns under our state that has poor network connection and electricity problems and so students face problems like:

1.    Mobile tower disappears and so no network connection.

2.    Electricity goes out for like 2-3 days and phone battery dies.

3.    No high speed network which makes the online classes to glitch and not hear a thing.

There are also many problems under it but I find this three as the main hindrance of the problem. I would like the concern Network authorities to please fix the issues or even the Government of Nagaland to look into this and give a better solution.

Shilu Jamir
St Joseph University