NFHRCC urged not to mislead public

KOHIMA, MARCH 12 (MExN): The Kohima Lotha Hoho (KLH) has strongly reiterated that the Nagaland Foot Hill Road Coordination Committee (NFHRCC) should concern itself with having the work completed on time, i.e., by the end of April 2014, and check any other vested interests that may come in the way of disrupting the progress of the work.

“We earnestly appeal the committee to refrain from making wild allegations and not mislead the general public. The Commitment to complete the foothill road should not be used as an excuse to protect the interest of one contractor,” stated the KLH in an ‘Appeal’ from its chairman, Nchumbemo Tungoe, which was given following an emergency meeting today to discuss the issue arising out of the Foothill Road construction.

While acknowledging the “yeoman service” being rendered by the NFHRCC, the KLH stated that “after thorough investigation into the issue of NFHRC pressurizing the Government to stop “unauthorized works” and alleging politicization of the work by Mmhonlumo Kikon, MLA that appeared on the local dailies we find them a bit out of logic.”

The KLH’s statement narrated, “As far as we know, the WDCU had submitted a representation to the government on 03/02/2014 to allot the work through open tender as per the government norms and practice, failing which they will be compelled to take further actions. Since nothing substantial was forthcoming, WDCU pressured for suspension of the work as well as decided to go for litigation if need be. Thereupon, Mmhonlumo Kikon, in his genuine effort not to hamper the ongoing work and to enable the foothill road to progress, facilitated a peaceful resolution to the issue by issuing an open appeal to one and all to give full support to the foothill road construction. It was only through his intervention that the legal recourse was not taken but the WDCU decided to pursue with the Government for an acceptable and workable solution to the issue. After about a week, the meeting between P Imty Ao and the WDCU representatives was held in the presence of the Chief Engineer. It was amicably decided to carry the burden of completing the Foothill road together by having an acceptable arrangement in the presence of the Chief Engineer.” The KLH also acknowledged that all this could happen because of the “goodwill and good intention” of the Minister for Roads and Bridges, Kuzholuzo Neinu.